Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Just a quickie....

Going to try and make this a quick one....

We are all good.  We have been pottering around, sorting stuff and seeing friends, and having time as a family.

IT was the Super Bowl last night.  That was fun to watch.  I really enjoyed Beyonce's half time show, plus the adverts.  This is such a commercialized society, but at least they know it, and are even prepared to rib themselves about it.   Got quite drunk though, sore head this morning.

We ordered bedroom furniture in preparation for our first visitors arriving in about 5 weeks time.  Tony, Paul's brother first, then my mum a week later.  I cant wait to see my mum, I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!!!  Ikea furniture is arriving wednesday,  it worked out sooooo much cheaper to get it there than anywhere else.  The way they do their beds is funny (to me, its probably like this back home, but I haven't bought a bed in about 10 years, till we got here).  You but the frame, the base and the mattress all separately, which means it costs you a nice  chunk to kit out a room.

The boys are all good.  Had to take Oliver to the doctor this afternoon,  I made the appointment over a week ago, thats almost as bad as Westcourt.....  His ear infection is back, so drops for him.  This has been ongoing since June.  Will see how he goes with this.  It doesn't affect him as such, just every few days his ear will leak a delightful substance.....Isaac is currently on his winter break from school, so he is off this week.  Today has been quite nice, just hoping it continues.  He is funny, he insists on having computer time, and like Oliver he is loving playing Forza on the xbox.  But after 45-60 minutes, he has had enough, Oliver would play all day if you let him.  He seems to have good control when it comes to video games, shame the same cannot be said for TV.  He would watch Spongebob and Ninjago all day if he could.  Sebastian is great.  I gave him a slight hair cut this week, just a few centimeters from a few places, he has lost his lock at the back.  You would not know it to look at him, but I think he looks more grown up.  He is chatting away to himself.  Certain thing s he can say quite well.  Other things he is not there with yet, but it will come and no doubt by the time he is 3 we wont be able to shut him up.

We had Terminex round today.  They are the pest control people.  Thought we better, after Paul spotted a mouse one morning, then proceeded to catch it!  Lucy just isn't pulling her weight..... admittedly she has caught a few outside, just don't think she expected to have any on 'her' turf.

Its my birthday tomorrow, and I am off to Greenville Zoo with a friend.  Then drive through on the school run for dinner.  Boys early to bed, Paul is away, so I have complete control of the TV, computer and beer supplies!!!!

Wednesday, hoping to go into Oliver's school to have lunch with him, depending on ikea delivery, then meeting a friend or two at the park.

Thursday we are off to the mountains.  I so cant wait.  We have a cabin in the middle of no where, with what looks like stunning views, a pool table, foosball table and a hot tub.  The boys can have a splash!!! We can drink loads of booze, and celebrate my birthday properly.  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, exploring and generally having fun.  Prepare yourselves for the millions of photos about to be posted on here and Facebook.....

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