Monday, 30 January 2017

Sebastian is 6!

Sebastian turned 6 a couple of weekends ago.  It tricky having 2 of our children with birthdays either side of Christmas.  Seb wants EVERYTHING! and pretty much plays with anything.  Him and Isaac play so beautifully together.  He loves Hot Wheels, so he got a play set for that

He has a thing for Buckaroo, as he has been playing it at school.  So that was in his pile also

He had to go to school on his birthday, which he was ok with.  He was a bit upset the week before, as he knew his birthday was on a thursday.  He got a little confused, thinking it was the week before.... He got very upset.  And consequently VERY excited when it was finally his birthday! 

His cake was a plain chocolate one from Tesco, which was absolutely delicious

For his birthday treat he really wanted to go to a race track, or a Formula one company.  These are not the easiest things to do in January in England, so we managed to persuade him to go to the zoo instead.

The saturday after his birthday we traipsed off to Marwell Zoological Park.  We have been  there before, for Oliver's 3rd birthday, when Isaac was still a babe in arms.  It was freezing the day we went, but the sun was shining so it did warm up

Marwell has not really changed that much to be honest.  All the animals were pretty active, think the cold must have made them move around more!

Quite a few big cats, but with good enriched enclosures 

We walked the whole zoo.  We could have taken a tractor ride, but we walked it.  It was gloriously quiet, a great way to have some family time.  They are building a new Hot House at the Zoo, opening next year, so it was a bit confusing going round at times, but lovely all the same.

Sebastian really wanted to see the ostriches.  Something to do with them being fast.....

Typically we did the zoo in about 2 hours.  Marwell is good, and certainly worth a visit.  We toyed with getting a yearly pass.  But they don't do family passes, only adult and child.  It would be over 200 pounds for us...... Not worth it unfortunately.

From Marwell, it was on to the outskirts of Southampton for everyones treat....... Five Guys!  So yummy, just like stateside.  Loved it.