Thursday, 28 March 2013


Feel like I should post something today, as I may not be able to tomorrow

We will have been here for 6 months tomorrow.  Six months.... I can't quite believe it, it has gone so fast.  We are still absolutely loving it.  It is so different to home, yet with the bonus of everyone speaking the same language and being able to understand us (as long as we speak slowly enough, of course).

I read through my blog about a month or two ago.  It is pretty amazing what we have done in the last 6-9 months.  It can be hard sometimes, Facebook can really be your worst enemy!!!!  For example, I missed a friends birthday today.  I had grand intentions to send her a card with a little something in it, but I forgot and had to make do with a little message on Facebook.  I will get my butt in gear, and sort these things.

We did not get up to much at the weekend.  Oliver's baseball practice was cancelled on the saturday due to the horrible rain.  I could have been sitting on the south coast when I looked out the window here.  We decided to head to an outlet mall in Commerce, Georgia.  Paul had stopped there on the way to take his brother to the airport and bought me some clothes.  They didn't fit, so we decided to return them.  Of course, that meant more shopping.  But with what we were returning, I only ended up spending $10.  Paul spent a bit more, but he needed new jeans.  I also got 2 tops and a pair of trousers for Seb from Osh Gosh for under $8.
Sunday Isaac had a birthday party to attend, his good friend from school.  There was a magician, and lots of playing, so Isaac was happy.  Again, another rubbish day weather wise.

Monday we met up in Greenville with a good friend and her two boys.  We let the boys run around by the Reedy River down town, before deciding it was far too cold to be outside, and dived into the nearest coffee shop for some liquid warmth.  The boys were pretty well behaved, as 4 boys under 4 goes.  At one point three of them were huddled round my iphone watching lego star wars.  The joys of modern technology....

Oliver had baseball practice again last night.  There is only 2 weeks till their first game, eeekkkk!!! Some of the team are really good, and obviously practice/play quite a lot.  But there are 3 or 4 new boys, like Oliver.  It is a good mixed ability team.  The coach seems quite fair, but we will see how this continues once the games start.  I have got talking to some of the other mums though, which is nice.  There is another English mum with a boy on Oliver's team.  She has been in the states about 22 years though.  I still picked up on her accent straight away.  I think the English are hunting me out......

Usual weekly zoo trip today, but with a difference.  The other ladies I usually go with were unavailable, so it was just me, Seb and Isaac.  We had a really nice time.  I think it helped that Isaac slept on the way there.  He didn't run of, did good walking, was chatting away to me about things that made sense.   Even Seb was trying to tell me everything he saw. Although I missed my girlies, it was nice to send some 'quality' time with my kids.  Made me very aware that I probably don't do it often enough.....

My mum arrives tomorrow.  I am so excited.  Not sure if it is for the 2 hours peace I get in the car while driving u to get her (joking mum), or the boys faces when they see her.  Probably my face too, I would love a mirror, and I must make sure my mascara is water proof.

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