Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Oliver is (almost) 8!!!

Tommorrow my biggest boy turns 8.  I can't quite believe where the time has gone....

My smallest baby (5lbs 14 oz), my earliest arrival (35 weeks).  We had to stay in the hospital for 11 days thanks to severe jandice.  Can't believe that was 8 years ago.

He walked at a year, nursed for 13 months, and took his time talking.  He was potty trained just before his 3rd birthday, about the same time he started talking.

He started preschool just before he turned 3, and really liked it (eventually).  He learned to ride his bike pretty early, and his stabilizers came off when he was nearly 5.

Oliver went from preschool to school with 3 pretty good friends, 2 Jacks and a Connor.  He settled in to school really well, and was reading by Christmas.  

He has always been obsessed with cars, he still is.  But now he loves lego and his brothers too.  Not forgetting computers.  He would play Xbox all day if we let him (we never do, we have very strict rules about this!!!)

Then we moved stateside.  He still loves computers, but is becoming a tiny bit more understanding about our rules.  He is in an awesome school, where he is excelling.  He reads a couple of grades ahead, and his math skills are amazing.  

Oliver has never been the most coordinated of children, though this has not held him back.  He loved street dance in the UK.

Now he plays baseball, and really enjoys it.  He plays an important role  in the outfield, and rarely strike out.  He can't wait to get to the pool and get swimming.

He is not the easiest of children, but there has never been a dull moment since he came along.  He has been through a serious operation already this year, with another to come (more on that in another post).  He can be the most caring, considerate of children in one breath, then the meanest in the next.  I think that is eight year olds....  Doesn't stop me from loving him, even if he does my head in sometimes!

Paul was looking for recent photos of him to put on his birthday cake.  It was hard to find one!!!  This leads me to #yearofOliver.  Plenty of people have done something similar to this, where you take a photo everyday for a year.  I shall be doing this for Oliver, starting on his birthday, and posting them to Instagram. You can find me under claregosling55.  If I remember, I will share them on Facebook and twitter too!

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