Wednesday, 4 February 2015

January, where did you go???

Gonna try and make this short and sweet.  

So Seb had his birthday, loved all his presents.  He is coming on leaps and bounds.  Still not talking properly, but the effort is definitely there.  He has a word for me, and constantly shouts for me at home.  This is a good and bad thing!  At least he is really trying now, makes me less worried about him when we go out anywhere.  He is still really laid back, and will only try talking if something is not going his own way and he doesn't like it.

We went to Frankie's fun park for his birthday. They all played a round of mini golf, and went on the go karts.  They love it there!

Thanks Aunty Jen for his Paw Patrol stuff.  He isn't really into coloring yet, but I am sure the time will come!

Every January Monster Jam comes to Greenville.  We thought we would try it out this year.  Tickets were reasonable, hardly anything is cheap when there are 5 of you!  After the initial noise, Seb got used to it.

Thank goodness for ear defenders.  They have been a priceless purchase!  Monster Jam is good, the Bon Secours Wellness Arena is good.  The two together, not so good.  The arena is just too small, the trucks kept breaking down, it seemed to take a good while to set the courses ready for the next race.... I could go on.  I re kong in a bigger arena, like Atlanta or Charlotte, it is probably awesome.  Not so much so in Greenville.

But we have seen it now, and the kids seemed to love it!

Oliver's basketball season is slowly drawing to a close.  So far they have won one game.  Big change from baseball!

But he has really enjoyed it, and has improved so much.  He even scored tonight.  Okay, it was from a free throw, but he is even fouling without realising it, and that's a good thing, right?!?

Seb and I got busy last week, and made these.  My first time making rice crispy treats.  The choc chips are a nice added touch.

The boys do after school clubs on a Wednesday afternoon now, so paul collects them, meaning I get extra time with Seb.  We tend to hit the library and a dollar store of some description.

There is a new gappy Gosling in the house! Isaac lost his first tooth on Sunday night.  I had noticed they have been slightly wobbly for a while.  All of a sudden on Sunday morning he is complaining of it being really wobbly, take a look, and you can see the adult tooth coming in underneath it!

The tooth fairy visited, and left a dollar.  She wrapped it in the same kitchen roll the tooth was in, so someone thought she hadn't been! She only wrapped it, as the tooth fairy bank was out of notes, and only had quarters.......

So January is done, as is my dryathon.  Thank you so much. To everyone who sponsored me.  With gift aid I raised well over 100 pounds for Cancer Research UK.  So proud of myself, and I know my mum would have been too.  I have had a few beers since though......

But with the giving up drinking, I also gave up smoking.  Didn't know I smoked?  Only in the evenings since September, not around the kids.  Had been a smoker for 16 years.  Much worse when younger.  I have now been smoke free since 1st January.  This is such an achievement for me, I am so proud of myself for making this life style decision, and I feel so much better for it health wise.

Mental health wise?  Some days are a real struggle at the moment.  Things get to me very easily.  Anything bad will out rule the good.  Today was a prime example of that.  Cemented some good things for the summer, then something came through the post to make me doubt something and bam!  In tears for an moods seem all over the place.  So contradictory in the space of one day. Trying to take a day at a time, a morning at a time.  I have so much in my head, I need a list everyday to remember what I am doing!  Some days better that other, weekend seems harder.  Think it's the pressure of trying to please everyone.  But I know no one is perfect, and it doesn't matter if things go wrong.  But when they do, I feel so awful....

Sorry to end on a sour note.  If you have got this far, you have done well!  I will make more of an effort to post more often, especially if I have things on my mind.  Might be time to say what I really think about certain things......


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