Monday, 16 November 2015

Update / photo drop

Here I am again.... another event taking place in my life and  I need to blog about life in general before hand.  I just don't seem to be able to sit down on a regular basis and blog.  So loads happens, then something comes along where I know I will be blogging, and I need to get another post in before.

In this case, we are off to Florida this week.  This trip was planned many moons ago, before all the school stuff, Zumba trainings and crafting things happened.  I need to chat about life in general first.  So here are a few photos to prompt my memory.

My dad flew out on Halloween.  Lucky him to miss the madness.  I had gotten the boys all new costumes this year, pretty much to their desires.  Oliver was a police man, Isaac a nona, and Seba an Army man.  We had a great time going around the neighborhood.

Paul and I went prepared this time, with a small cooler of beer.  Certainly made it more entertaining....  As usual the boys had a great haul, and have spent the last few weekend mornings finishing it off.  The rest is going to magically disappear in the next few days.

We had our baby sitter sit for us last weekend.  We had already planned to go to Fountain Inn, the next town down to try out a new-osh bar, the Growler Haus.  Turns out we got invited to one of Paul's  ex-collegues birthday at the same place, on the same night. Coincidence? 

I drove, so was not able to fully appreciate the scale of craft beer on the menu.  This place rocked.  A couple of TV's, no loud music, you were actually able to have conversation.  Awesome.  I think we will be back there again.  

I recently found out about a local business closing its doors, and auctioning off the contents of its premises.  I told Paul, and we took part in the online bidding.  It was a crazy Monday morning, with items ending every 20 SECONDS for about 4 hours.  There were a few items I had my eyes on to repurpose for crafting and selling in our Etsy shop.  All in we did quite well.  We spent a fair amount.

We ended up loading up 2 X5 cars with our purchases.  Pick up was crazy, there was stuff to be collected everywhere.  Luckily the lady from the auction house was amazingly helpful.  We came prepared to pack too.  We ended up with a couple of side tables, lamps, a waiters friend.  Below are the picture frames we purchased.  We guesstimate there is about 280, about 95% still have their glass too.  

This is the glass ware we purchased.  There is all sorts, from vases to mini martini glasses, wine glasses.... All sorts!  

We also purchased this delightful tall table for about $11.  This thing is heavy, and came with the light.  It works really well in our computer / crafting room.

Saturday just gone, we tried out Lowe's Saturday Build and Grow kids workshop.  The kids have spotted the ads for this outside the store the last few times we have been.  They really wanted to go and make a Jimmie Johnson Nascar.  For the amount of people taking part, Lowe's had it down.  IT was really well organized in the store with plenty of space.  The boys got to keep their safety glasses and aprons.  Upon completion, they were given badges to put on their aprons.  So cool. Think we will be back next month

That is pretty much it.  We are off on holiday this week, a mini tour of Florida.  Look out for blog posts coming in the next few weeks........

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