Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas 2015 New Year 2016

This is going to be short and sweet, as I want to get on talking about the new year, and what it will bring.  The kids were super good going to bed on Christmas Eve.  We were wise elves, and had wrapped their presents the week before.  We only had a couple to do on Christmas Eve.  Their piles were much smaller this year.  I think as they get older their presents get smaller, and more expensive.

Oliver and Isaac had been good about writing their lists in advance.  We pretty much knew what Seb wanted from his various shouts at the television.

Oliver got Pie Face.  Man, this game was hard to get hold of.  Well worth it though! 

Isaac got the Star Wars blade builder thingy.  He loves it.  It gets played with regularly, and not always as a light saber.  Best thing is, no one has been seriously hurt (yet)

Sebastian got loads of hot wheels track stuff.  Honestly, he loves it.  They all got some form of hot wheels track builder set.  To the point where it completely took over the playroom.  We have since moved all th hotwheels stuff and cars up in to Oliver's room.  Those who know us, and our boys know this is a big deal! 

We find it a bit of a struggle sometimes.  Isaacs birthday is a month before Christmas, and seb's is a month after.  Isaac in particular struggled with what he wanted this year

 Christmas day we had beef and roast potatoes.  It was tasty.  I had wisely prepped a lot of the dinner in advance.  This helped.

We have spent a very relaxing couple of weeks at home.  It has been nice to spend time as a family without rushing off on holiday somewhere.  

New Year's Eve was spent at home.  We let the kids do dance off's and stay up as long as they could manage.

Seb lasted until 9.30, then he asked to go to bed.  Isaac was persuaded to go to bed at 10.45.  He was pretty much asleep on the sofa

Oliver made it to after midnight again.  

Paul and I stayed up drinking and dancing till about 2am.  The kids let us sleep till 7am the next morning.  Aren't they lovely....

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  1. Oh how great Christmas party it was!! Our house Christmas party was also very interesting. We attended a pre-Christmas bash too at some beautiful event space NYC. There was so much fun stuff for kids as well as adults in that party.