Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Goslings Go West - Bearizona and Phoenix

On our drive in to the Grand Canyon, we had spotted a place called Bearizona.  I looked into it the night before, and decided it was probably something the kids would love.

After our final morning in the canyon, we drove out towards Phoenix.  Bearizona was on our route.  We joined the small queue.  It is a drive through safari, specializing in animals local to Arizona and the west coast.  First up were mountain goats, followed by wolves.  The on to the junior bears

There were loads of them just strolling around, hiding in dens in the ground, up trees, everywhere!

Then on to the bison and white bison


Before going through the adult bears where they were enjoying a nice carcass of something.  We parked up,and had a little walk around the other areas.  There was a goat petting area, some bob cats, plenty of farm yard animals and foxes.

Look!!! A bear up a tree!!!!!


This was a great little stop.  Something for the kids to enjoy, stretch their legs and entertain them before the 2 hour drive down to Phoenix.  

The roads were fairly straight, but pretty mountainous.  We must have gone through at least 2 different mountain or canyon ranges before getting into Phoenix.  The views were absolutely stunning.


The whole desert terrain is something else.  The desert air and altitude played havoc with mine, Oliver and Sebastian's sinus'.  I felt blocked up and quite unwell a lot of the time.  Didn't stop me from enjoying the absolutely gorgeous views.  And the giant cacti which started to appear once we got nearer to Phoenix.  

We had chosen to fly out of Phoenix to San Francisco.  I can't even remember the reasons behind out decisions.  Think it had something to do with it being a shorter drive back to Phoenix rather than Vegas, and a better timed flight the next day.  We were able to check into our hotel in Phoenix early, so the boys went for a quick swim while I lounged.  We went out for dinner that night at the local Chilis.  It is near the university and airport district, so quite busy.  Dinner was delicious.

Paul dropped the boys and I back at the hotel, while he returned the rental car, and got the airport shuttle back to the hotel.  This saved us a bit on car rental costs, or it equaled out the amount we had to pay as we were dropping the car at a different return address.  Phoenix was probably our cheapest stop, as we paid for the hotel using our Marriot reward points. None of us slept particularly well.  The room slept five over a queen sized bed and a sofa bed, but did not have any roll away beds.  Sebastian slept between paul and I.  He was really awesome and managed to head butt me in the middle of the night.

One fat lip later.......

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