Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mums gone :-(

As the title suggests, my mum went last thursday.  We had an enjoyable few days, just doing normal run of the mill stuff: parks, the zoo, she even got to meet some of my friends which was nice.  Dropping her at the airport was, hard as i knew it would be.  The boys were good on the journey there and back.  It only really hit me the next morning, after I had dropped the boys at school.  Seb and I came home, I walked through the door and burst into tears.  Bless Seb, he gave me a huge cuddle, then proceeded to look up the stairs for mum, and say 'nanna' quite a few times.....

Enjoying the baseball

We had a relaxing weekend.  Oliver had his baseball team photo on saturday, then a game straight after which we all went to.  Every one seemed to really enjoy it.  Does help that the weather was really. really good.  Sunday we dossed around the house.

This week has been a bit mad, it seems.

Monday was an average day.

Tuesday we went to our neighbor for a play and chat, lovely as usual and Seb managed to lose his shoe in the play room.

Oliver as an Acolyte
Wednesday was going to be my hectic day.  Oliver was off school, as it was his conference day (like a parents evening type thing).  It was going to be: shopping, conference, zoo, birthday party, baseball.  Fate had other plans.......  The shopping was successful.  The conference was good.  Oliver is doing really well, he has come on in leaps and bounds.  He was recently an acolyte  in Chapel.  So proud.  As we were leaving the conference, I got a call from Isaacs school to say he had been sick and could I come and get him.  He did not look good, but brightened up quite quickly once he got home.  Because of his sickness we did not want to risk the zoo.  Paul was already coming home early to take care of Isaac and Seb while I took Oliver to the birthday Party at The Moutain Goat.  This is a bouldering/rock climbing place in Greenville.  The birthday boy had obviously been here a few times.  Oliver wasn't too keen, and after a few bad jumps off the big boulder just wanted to run around, like most of the other kids.  While at the party, the thunder and lightning started, and then the rain came.  So baseball ended up being cancelled......

Oliver whacking it, he has not missed once in a game yet (touch wood...)
Thursday Isaac was still off school.  Despite the fact he had not been sick since the previous day, he needs to be free of illness for at least 24 hours.  I had a diabetic appointment which I had to drag him to.  Bless his heart, he was good as gold. As was Seb.  It was nice to see my diabetic nurse.  She is pleased with how I am doing.  She was even more pleased with my HbA1c result.  Last time I had this done in December, it was 11.  Yesterday I was down to 8.2%.  Not a bad drop in 4 months.  Ideally it wants to be below 7% (this has only happened to me once in the 3 1/2 years I have had diabetes, and that was just before I got pregnant with Sebastian, it was 6.5%, rest of the time it has been around the 7.5% range).  I just need to refine a few things, and I should be there.  Going on an insulin pump was very briefly discussed, but I think she knows I can control it how things are.  I was very happy.  Think it is one of the only times I have high-fived an adult while sober.  Isaac fell asleep in the car on the way home, at 10.45am.  Think he was still fighting something.  Seb went for a sleep as soon as we got home.  Isaac woke 5 minutes later.  Oliver had another baseball game last night, in iffy weather.  As we arrived at the park it started to spatter with rain, then stopped, so the game was played.  Once it was over, the heavens opened.

Today we went round to my friend Donna's new house.  It is a 10 minute drive, so she is nice and close now.  It is very lovely, and her hubby has done an awesome job painting.  I am so happy they have found somewhere, and the sooner they get the furniture in to stop the kids reverb the better!!!! Man, our kids are noisy together, good job the older 2 were still at school, or Donna and I would probably have run away.....

This weekend is going to be a quiet one.  Money is tight, so don't think we will be up to much.  I have an exam next week that I am desperately trying to revise for.  It is a re-sit of the exam I took shortly after we arrived here, you know, the one I failed as I had just moved my family xxxx miles across the world, been told a month before they couldn't find somewhere for me to do it, found somewhere with 2 weeks to spare, cue me not revising.... Yes, that exam.  This time I have been revising since January.  I even did some tonight, and most who know me know that  I DO NOT work on a friday night.  I want to pass this time.  I am very determined.

So next week..... We are seeing some English friends on Monday.  They are going home for a visit on wednesday.  Exam on wednesday, followed by baseball. More baseball on thursday. Possibly seeing a new friend at some point, and hoping to see some others too!!!

Oliver is being an acolyte again on wednesday, but this time he will be reading.  Hoping Paul can take the day off (he is already off in the afternoon), so I can go and listen to him.  About time I made it to Chapel at school, I think a lot of parents do it.

Due to exam revision, I will probably not post again till at least next thursday, so wish me luck, I hope to get out of it in one piece....

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