Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Good golly, it has been 10 days since i last blogged, this could be epic.....

Ok, so last Sunday we went to Lake Greenwood State Park for a picnic

It is a beautiful place, lots of walks, and you can swim in the lake (once it gets a bit warmer of course).  The boys had fun walking and playing in the park.

We met up with some English friends on the monday.  That was fun.  They are currently on their first visit back to the UK since moving over here, so I hope it is going well for them.

Oliver in Chapel
Tuesday we went to Roper Mountain Science Centers butterfly garden with our friends.  There were not many butterflies yet, but we were able to walk around.  They have a good sized pond, with lots of turtles, who were ever so friendly.

Then on the Wednesday (cant believe it was a week ago....) I went in to the Chapel at Oliver's school to hear him read.  Paul had managed to get the whole day off, which was handy.  He read beautifully.  I saw hime practicing first, and I must say the main event was much better than the practice.   In the afternoon I headed to Greenville Technical College to resit my exam.  I think it went well.  I wrote for 2 hours and 45 minutes of a 3 hour exam.  I even filled my answer book, for the first time ever in an Open University exam.  Fingers crossed, I have nailed it, I am hoping  I might even get above 55%, which would give me a grade 3 pass, which equates to a 2:2 in this module for my degree classification.  It would certainly help to bump up my average....  Oliver had another baseball game that night, which we all went along to.  saw something on the field we are not used to seeing....

Thursday we met up with a new friend Christy, and her boy.  Turns out Edmund is only 2 days older than Isaac.  They all played very well in the park, with each other and the other kids who were there.  Oliver had yet another baseball game, but with a later start, so I went on my own.

Friday I met up with a friend for coffee in the morning.  She is a baseball mum, English, but has been over here for 22 years and is married to American.  It was nice to chat and Seb was good as gold.  Seb and I then headed to the park to meet up with our friday morning group.  This was fun, they are a lovely bunch of ladies.  We collected Isaac from school, headed home to have lunch, but Seb was a nightmare.  He still really needs his morning sleeps.  He didn't eat his lunch, so I put him up for a sleep.  Isaac and I spent the afternoon playing.

We did not do much over the weekend.  The big Costco shop was required (ouch, but we haven't been there in 2 months).  Then some lunch.  The afternoon was spent with the boys doing their activity book, coloring and playing.  It started raining at some point in the afternoon, and did not stop till 10pm Sunday night.  Sunday was a pajama day, which everyone enjoyed!!!  Apart from Seb.  I had intended to try and keep him up all day, but he had other ideas.  He ended up going for a sleep about 2, and I had to wake him at 4.30.  We had a yummy roast which again, everyone enjoyed.

Monday, Seb was not well.  He was burning up and very lethargic.  I have not seen him be that ill for a while.  We cancelled our plans for Monday.  He seemed a bit better on Tuesday morning, but still not himself, so we cancelled our plans again.  I kinda wish we hadn't, as by the afternoon he was much brighter almost back to his usual self.  Oliver had another late baseball game last night, his team lost for the first time (at his age, they do not keep score, as 'everyone is a winner', but his team mates always score the games).

Sebastian only woke up this morning when the other 2 went up to brush their teeth at 7.15.  He is definitely on the mend, and we have kept our plans for this afternoon, as long as it doesn't rain....

It seems to be school activity week this week.  Tomorrow Oliver has a play at school.  Friday is Isaacs International day.  This would appear to be a day where the school celebrates everything international.  The kids are welcome to go in traditional dress from their countries.  We do not have anything like this, so I think Isaac is going in his Liverpool football kit!  They also welcome you to bring a national dish, so I may attempt to make some scones on thursday night.

Big news..... Sebastian is going to be starting at Isaacs school in the Autumn, well, August.  He will do Monday and Tuesday mornings.  As he is not 3 yet, we will have to pay for him ourselves, but it is actually cheaper than Isaac's preschool was in the UK.  It is also the time he would have started in the UK.  At the same time as Seb doing these 2 mornings, Isaac is going to start doing 'lunch and learn', where he stays till 2.45 on the same days, and gets to do fun things like Spanish!  I am going to have some time just me......  It is going to be weird.....

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