Sunday, 14 July 2013

Legoland - Part 2

We decided not to rush to Legoland on the tuesday, and arrived about 11pm.  Again, it was not too busy, but probably a bit busier than monday.  There was also quite a few school buses parked in the car park.

We headed into the park.  The boys had a few things they wanted to do that they had spotted the day before. The first stop was the Lego Factory tour.  This is supposed to be a miniature version of a Lego production line.  It starts with a video, then takes you through the production line.  It was not very good.  From here we headed to Duplo play town, a park area.  This was in full sun, and seeing as it was very hot again, we did not stay long.  There were some dubious looking spiders webs in some of the play equipment.

We then went to Lego Kingdoms to The Forestmens Hideout.  This was another play park which was more suited to Oliver and Isaac.  The big slide was closed off, which it had not been the day before.  Luckily this park was in the shade, so we were able to stay a bit longer.  Seb was not interested though, and just wanted to sit in the buggy.

Food was calling, so we headed to The Market Restaurant to see what they had.  This had lots of different counters selling different types of things, none of which I thought the boys would eat.  So we went back to the Pizza and pasta places we went to the day before.  Again, Isaac barely ate anything, while the rest of us pigged out.

It was very hot by now, so we took a slow walk to the back of the park to the waterpark.  It was even quieter this time.  We all got changed, and decided to base ourselves near the wave pool.  We got some loungers, just under the shade.  We all had lots of fun in the waves, the boys were able to have a bit more freedom, as we were able to keep a good eye on them.  We went to the Duplo splash zone again, which the boys enjoyed (damn them slides), and another go round the lazy river.  The staff were not as helpful, and there were loads of empty rings around the river.  I was able to take Isaac like I had the day before, but Paul decided not to take Seb, as he had not enjoyed it.  We went back to the loungers, and got some ice cream and beer.  Seb was getting tired, so he got in the buggy, and sat there relaxing for a good chunk of time.  Isaac was also getting tired, so he had a little relax.  This enabled Paul to take Oliver on the lazy river again.  On the way back they noticed the Duplo pool had been closed.  Within 5 minutes, the wave pool was closed, and the lifeguards were fishing something disgusting out....

We thought this would be a good time to leave.  Unfortunately, so did everyone else, so the changing rooms were packed.  We left the waterpark and headed towards the gate.  We stopped at the Build and Test area on the way through the park.  The boys were all given some wheels as they headed in.  The idea is to make a car and then test it on ramps.  If we had done this earlier in the day it would have been awesome.  By this time though, our children were shattered, and getting all silly when the pieces  would not stay on.  It did not help that a lot of the pieces were too worn or broken to stay on.

So we trundled off back to the car, for the delightful drive home.  The boys loved Legoland.  The concept is amazing, but although the park has only been open a few years, many things felt a bit worn and neglectful.  The staff here were also a bit hit and miss.  Some were amazingly helpful, but most looked like they were there to gossip with their friends.  There is no way enough shade in parts of the park, which could easily be rectified.  Paul and I were a bit underwhelmed by the whole place.  We were glad we got a 2 day ticket though.  To do the whole thing in one day is possible, but you would be shattered for a few days after.  It was nice to spread it over the two days, slightly more relaxing, and we were able to take things in a lot better.  Its just a shame it cost us a small fortune in fuel.

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