Monday, 29 July 2013


Life has been like a whirlwind since we came home from Florida.  I have been throwing myself into my uni work.  I am making progress, just am very unsure of the content.  Only time (and an exam) will test to see if I know it.

It has been nice to be home though.  We have managed to catch up with a few friends.  Sebastian's teachers came to see him last monday.  It went well, other than him throwing the wooden blocks they brought with them around (eekkk).  I got a phone call from his school that afternoon to ask if I could bring him in the next day, as they are unsure how he will cope with a small classroom and other students.  We trundled down to school, and one of the admissions staff walked him down to his classroom.  We watched from the office.  Of course, Seb was more interested in going to Isaacs classroom, or the park, but his teachers managed to entice him in.  He was there for 45 minutes!!! Luckily Oliver and Isaac were provided with some coloring to keep them happy.  When his visit was over, his teachers said the admin lady would call and let me know how the meeting they were going to have had gone.  I am still waiting.....

My dad arrived last wednesday.  He had left it quite late to buy his tickets, so ended up having to fly into one New York airport, then from the other one to Charlotte.  Because of this his flight was due to get in to Charlotte at 22.50.  It landed early, but they were kept on the plane for 20 minutes, then more time spent waiting for his baggage.  I eventually picked him up at 23.50.  We didn't get home till 1.30am.  We were both very tired.  It is nice to have him here though.  We had a relaxing day on thursday and Friday.  We headed into Greenville for Main Street Friday and some dinner, and bumped into Tracey, an English friend, who also had people with her visiting from Blighty.  

Saturday we headed to Costco for our mammoth bi-monthly shop, then to Cheddars for some lunch.  This was lovely.  Dad and I then headed to the mall in the afternoon, so we could do a bit of shopping. Typically  I could not find anything I wanted.  We drove home via Bi-Lo.  Whilst putting my bag on my shoulder, I managed to rip the top off my mole, which I only noticed when we were done shopping.  I managed to get myself a doctors appointment for this morning, only had to wait an hour in the surgery to be seen by an actual doctor!  She removed the mole, thank goodness, as it has always been a bit of a problematic one, sticking up and rather unsightly.  She has to send it of for tests, but does not expect anything to be up with it, she says no news is good news, so hopefully I won't hear from her.

Yesterday we took dad up to Caesars Head for a look out over Greenville.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is up there, this is only the second time we had been up there.  It was covered in clouds, making it difficult to see, but lovely and cool, and so picturesque.  From there we travelled to Jones Gap.  Oliver had been there on a school trip, so we thought we would go for a little look around.  Again, it is very beautiful, and the walk from the car park to the actual park is a mini hike in itself, particularly for small tired boys.  We saw some amazing butterflies, but decided not to do any of the hikes.  Save that for when the boys are bigger and it is not so buggy up there.  We came back, had a BBQ, then went to the pool.

Paul is away for part of this week, so we are planning on a few day trips, just the zoo etc and maybe breakfast one morning, plus Paris Mountain State Park.  The lake should be open for swimming, which would be good to try out.  

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