Friday, 2 August 2013


So i finally got hold of Sebastian's school.  Their admissions lady had been away on holiday, and was just starting to catch up on her phone calls.  I called her tuesday morning, she said they had to have a meeting still, but she would call me back that afternoon.

In the mean time, we decided to show Granddad the sights of Falls Park, and downtown Greenville.  We had a lovely walk along the Reedy River, then Paul met us for some dinner at the Carolina Ale House.  It was very yummy.

I arrived home to discover a message from the admissions lady, so called her back on Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately during Seb's visit, his teachers had had some concerns about his safety in the classroom.  They felt his level of independence was not there yet for him to start next week.  They want to reevaluate the situation in December, in the hope he will be ready to go into the toddler room after Christmas.  He will be placed at the top of the waiting list, as long as they deem him ready then.
Otherwise, he will have to wait till this time next year, and go into the Primary room with Isaac.  I was quite emotional while we were discussing this.  I said how much Seb seemed to have come on since meeting his teachers and spending time in the classroom.  I said that I hoped he would not get too upset when we are dropping his brother at school, and wondering why he is not going.  They don't want his first experience of a school environment to be bad.  She could obviously hear the emotion in my voice, as she asked if I wanted to come in and have a meeting.  I asked her to tell me honestly if the decision had already been made.  The answer to that was yes.  My response 'Well, then there is no point in having a meeting'.  She said they would like to help me work through it.  I replied with, I think I can manage on my own (may have cut off my nose to spite my face here).  They are keen to reevaluate him in December, so we shall see.

Happily, Isaac is definitely in after school club on monday and Tuesday which means he will do from 8.30-2.45 those days.  I am going to spend those days and my mornings with Seb trying to enjoy him, and bring him on in his language skills, socialization, playing.  I think I probably should have a meeting with school, just to see exactly what they are looking for.  I wonder if what I said abut not rushing him for potty training had a deciding factor in it???  He is no way ready, and I will not force the issue and put us both under too much stress.

So the last couple of days I have started collecting resources so I can do some basic preschool learning at home, so Seb just doesn't want to watch TV or play cars all the time.  I have started a board on Pinterest with lots of blogs pinned related to what I would like to do with him.  Hopefully I can capture his imagination a bit, and get that speech developing.  I also intend to sign him up for a local class, and maybe even take him to story time at the library.  It is his worst kind of environment, but he needs to get used to that sort of thing.

I have just about come to terms with schools decision, despite finding out there is another family in the area who have twins Seb's age going into the toddler room next week who do not speak English or their mother tongue.   Call me selfish, but I was so looking forward to some 'me' time.  I have not had any consistently for a while, though my lovely friend has offered to baby sit anytime I need it, so thank you, you know who you are.  I am looking forward to spending my time with Seb, and am looking forward to watching him learn and grow as a toddler in to a small boy.  Must stop treating him like a baby, though he will always be my baby

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