Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday photos

I am hoping that by adding plenty of photos to my post, that  I won't end up writing an essay, so here goes....

Last Saturday Isaac was invited to a party at South Carolina Children's Theatre.  It was really good.  I am not a big fan of kids parties, but the lady who took charge of the kids, Tracey, was awesome.  They played a game, then had some food provided by the parents.  Tracey and her helper then took the kids off to a studio, where they rehearsed a play, and performed it for the adults about 45 minutes later.  As I say, awesome, particularly for the age group (the birthday boy was 5)

The weather here has not been too great, a little cool and very wet (stop sniggering in the UK).  Sunday we traipsed of to the zoo, as Paul had not been for months.  This is the nearest the elephants have been to the front of the enclosure.  The boys literally raced round the zoo, and had it done in 45 minutes....

 Monday, Isaac was back at school all day.  I think he is settling in to lunch and learn a bit better, though we did have an incident report form home.  Cue reward charts (pictures to come....)
Anywhoo, I digress.  Here is Oliver and Seb doing some printing/painting.  I need to get paints that pour better next week.

 Typically Seb ended up covered, and needed a change of clothes and to be sponged down in the bath...

 Yesterday was Oliver's last full day at home, so I took him for breakfast at Ihop up on the Woodruff Road.  It was very yummy, and we all cleared our plates.  Have a feeling we will be back there again soon.

 Seb found this little fine motor skills game that I had made for him yesterday. I found it here. It is literally just putting cocktail sticks into an empty ketchup dispenser.  He loved it!!!!  See how many sticks there are?  He did them all.

Then proceeded to follow me around the house with it, as he wanted to do it again and again and again.

 So I got inventive.  I had an empty spice pot, so decided to tape over the top and colour in the holes.  I then coloured 20 cocktail sticks to match the colours.  Easy, and using things I already had in the house.

Again, he loved it, and was better than I expected at matching the colors

Oliver had his orientation at school this morning.  He met his teacher and spent an hour in the class with her (there is a picture of him on his schools Facebook page!!!!).  I went to Chapel with the rest of the parents.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Thank you to Anna for looking after Seb for me.

The boys have been going on at me to do some 'scientifical experiments'.  So this afternoon we did this.  I must say, It is very clever.  The boys had great fun mixing up the colours on the milk.

Isaacs multicoloured plate, before he mixed it up too much....

Thats all for now.  Oliver is back at school next week, man has it been a looooonnnnnnnggggg holiday...

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