Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kool-Aid Play Dough, Multiplication and Lunch and Learn

Was not expecting to post again so soon, but thats just how it seems to go.  We had a fairly quiet one over the weekend, a McD's was had, and a visit to Walmart.  Plus a couple of trips to the pool in between the thunderstorms.

Isaac had his first session of Lunch and Learn at school today.  I got a phone call from his teacher at 12.05 (20 minutes after it had begun) to say he was in a state and refusing to go into the classroom.  He had been so looking forward to it, he had even sat in on a session last year to see what it was like.  His teacher and I talked about how he needed to make the transition to this scheme, to help him with the long days associated with kindergarden next year.  He was asking for me, and not wanting to go in.  It is held in the toddler classroom (or Sebbies classroom, as Isaac calls it).  She agreed to call me back once they could see if they could coax him in.  She called back at 12.40.  Apparently it was Lego that got him into the room.  He had sat down and eaten his lunch too.  I was so pleased.  When I picked him up he told me he had had a good time.  I asked him if he wanted to go back, he said yes.  At bedtime he starts saying he doesn't want to.  I tried to explain that it is practice for Kindergarden for next year. Now he doesn't want to go to kindergarden.....  I foresee a bit of a torrid time coming up, possibly like we had when he first started.  I really hope he settles, but know it is going to take time, I just hope the school can see it like that too


Today was the first day I implemented a kinda timetable for activities at home with Oliver and Seb.  Oliver loved the structure, Seb doesn't understand it yet, though I made a point of telling him what day, date and month it is, and our color, letter and number.  He was just coming and going with what Oliver and I are doing.  So first we made Kool-Aid play dough.  I got the recipe here, and Oliver helped with most of the steps, other than the water.  This is the most awesome homemade play dough I have seen.  It even smells nice.  Oliver had great fun playing with it this morning, then Seb and I played with it this afternoon.

After that, Oliver did some cutting and I did some sticking to make a book of opposites (our theme).  We then progressed on to numbers, today was 6, Oliver did some adding and subtracting, which he found very easy.  So I decided to mix it up a bit, and started him on his 6 times tables.  By six times three, he had got the gist of it, and was able to answer the rest of the 6 times table up to 12 x 6.

After this was physical time, so we went to the pool.  We came back just before lunch.  While Seb was naked, I noticed him doing a little wee dance, so I took him to the toilet, he sat on it, then the potty, and he managed his first wee out of nappies.  Admittedly, this is probably because he drinks half the pool, but he did it all the same.

Once we had collected Isaac we came home, the boys played Lego, then had computer time.  Seb decided (with my assistance) to do some selfies.  He loved it, think he likes the noise my phone makes....

Over the weekend, Paul began the construction of the cat box.  Look out for more details in a future post.  It is nothing as fancy as I originally wanted, but at least it has cost very little as it uses the off cuts from the desk.

I have an appointment at the Life Centre at Greenville Hospital tomorrow for a trial of a continuous glucose monitor to help me manage by diabetes, it is a weeks trial, so again, watch this space.

Hoping Isaac is ok tomorrow......  I hate situations like this.....

Below are just a few of Seb's selfies

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