Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Today has been a good day (so far....)

Isaac behaved himself at preschool.  He has been having a few problems recently.  It is just like when he started at Little Explorers in the UK, he was fine for a few weeks, then started testing the boundaries.  He was fine to start with at Five Oaks, but as the time as progressed he has been a little teary during the day and a little aggressive towards his fellow classmates.  His teacher is ever so nice, and is really doing her best, but I know how troublesome Isaac can be when he wants to.  I think part of the problem is he has been watching too much TV when he comes in from preschool, then falling asleep on the way to get Oliver.  Then we have problems at bedtime, and he ends up losing his computer/TV time as he keeps getting out of bed.  Yesterday he had lost his TV time, so Paul spent most of the afternoon playing with him, while I went to the doctors.  He did not get out of bed at all.

Grumpy Isaac
This afternoon, as he had been good at preschool and not got out of bed, he watched 1 1/2 hours of TV (all his new favorites: Max and Ruby, Dora and Go Diego Go, so at least there is some educational aspects).  We then went to the park before we had to get Oliver, which him and Seb both really enjoyed.  He did not fall asleep.  Isaac told me while we were waiting for Oliver that he likes doing 'work' at preschool, and he then started sounding out some phonic sounds.  Turns out they are beginning to teach him to read.  I am so pleased.  Academia is important to me, I feel it gets you places. Isaac's preschool is a Montessori school, not a style of teaching I am familiar with, but I like the idealism of it.  Isaac has always been really good at his numbers, you can give him any 2 digit number and 4 times out of 5 he will be able to tell you what it is.  The school appears to be building on this, and introducing the concept of addition and subtraction.  He has already brought a sheet of sums home, just simple add 1 or add 2, which he did with the help of a teacher then stuck on.

Happy Isaac
He can be such hard work at times, particularly when he is tired in the evening.  We had to introduce a time out spot last night, as he sent Seb flying.  Luckily we have lots of empty rooms, where he cant see the TV or have any toys, so hoping the threat will be enough.  If not, I am more than happy to follow through!  I have my first parent-teacher conference with Isaacs teacher on thursday so I am looking forward to what she has to say.  I hate to say, that I have probably not been giving him enough of my time, so I am going to limit his TV time in the afternoon, and try and do some more activity type things.  We were going to do play doh this afternoon, but then the weather improved, so thought the park was a better option.  It really was!!!!

This wasn't meant to be a post about Isaac, it was supposed to be a general catch up!  Points to note:  My sis-in-law Jenny has a blog going about the journey of weight loss, and has decided to do a post pretty much everyday through november.  If you have not read it, it is called Fat@thirty.  I highly recommend it!  Have finally mastered making curries out here, thanks to Pataks curry paste!  And spaghetti Bolognese thanks to the Oxo cubes that Hope has sent me!  It is 2 of my English friends birthdays out here today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anna and Rachael!!!!! Oli has his first book report to do by friday!  The schools are all gearing up for Thanksgiving, with both boys having parties at school next week (crisps and apple juice are our contribution).  I have not been to Zumba for about 3 weeks.  I am going to try yet another different class tonight that starts a bit later.  Was a bit of a rush to get out the door by 6.55pm.  This one starts at 7.30, in nearby Fountain Inn, should take me about 10 minutes to get there, so fingers crossed it is a good one.

Right I need to go and start making tonights dinner, Curry!!!!!

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