Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thanksgiving Furbys

Isaac's Birthday cake
Feeling über proud of myself tonight.  I have made Isaac a Furby birthday cake for tomorrow.  I have made cakes for the boys for most of their birthdays, but never like this.  It is 6 cakes sandwiched on top of each other, covered in buttercream, then iced on the top (icing from a can, well 3 1/2 cans to be precise) with eyes, ears and feet made of fondant icing (again from a pack, but hey.....). He has requested a Furby for this birthday, my mum has got him one, so I am hoping the cake is going to go down well.  For his birthday tomorrow we are going to Skype with grandparents in the morning, watch the final Grand Prix of the season then go where Isaac wants to go for lunch, McDonalds.  Then he wants to go to Frankie's Fun Park, a local amusement place which has an arcade, soft play area, crazy golf, and 2 go-kart tracks.  Should be a fun day.

It was thanksgiving here on Thursday.  Paul had to go to work on Wednesday at 5am, so he was able to finish early.  Both the boys were off on Wednesday, and we had a nice relaxing day around the house.  Thursday we were around the house in the morning, then we headed to Liene's for thanksgiving dinner.  They live north of Greenville in an area we hadn't been to before.  We were early, so had a drive around.  It is a beautiful part of town, a lot of the houses are very old.  Liene cooked a beautiful turkey, the men watched football, the kids played well together, and the pecan pie was delicious.  All in, a very successful Thanksgiving.  I look forward to repaying the favor.   We drove home through Greenville centre.  The Christmas lights are up in the trees down Main Street, and it looks beautiful.  We also saw the ice rink that is set up, looking forward to taking the boys down there.

Christmas lights on Main Street, Greenville
We were going to try and go somewhere over this weekend, but it hasn't panned out like that.  Instead, we have been out for lunch the last 2 days, they done a little shopping.  We have started buying Christmas decorations, and have found some big trees.  We have also done some online shopping, with Amazons lightning deals, got some bargains....Paul is off next week, and we have a list of what we want to get the boys, so next week will be spent prepping for Christmas.  Paul is away for a bit of December, so it is a good opportunity.  We are going to lose some Christmas traditions, but hopefully gain some too.  I have a few plans......

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