Saturday, 1 December 2012

Relaxing week

It has been sooooooooo nice having Paul off this week.  We have spent a lot of time shopping (have done a lot on line), and the boys presents are pretty much sorted.  Only problem is, we keep seeing more and more things for them!!!  We also know what we want to get each other, which we never usually do.

We went to Greer DMV on tuesday to sort out our South Carolina driving licenses.  Because I did not have proof of residency (a letter from Paul's employer with my name on it)  I could not do mine.  Paul got his done in the morning.  Paul managed to sort me out a letter for thursday, so we went back again. It involved me filling out a form, doing a sight test, then a theory test.  You are allowed to get 6 wrong, and you find out instantly if they are wrong.  I got 3 wrong in the first 10.  Luckily I only got 3 wrong overall.  This was then followed by more waiting, then a practical test.  I didn't have to wait long for my intimidating female examiner to come out.  Despite the fact that I only passed my test 3 years ago, I was a little nervous.  We drove around, had to do a 3-point turn down what was almost a narrow track road, then drove back to the DMV.  I made quite a few errors, but still passed.Think you just need to show observation skills, and be able to drive a car to get a license as a foreign national.  While I had been away, Paul had a chance to observe the locals.... Interesting people, there was the gent who needed 5 attempts to pass the eye exam.  Then the family, mum had just got out of jail, and the 2 teenage boys  (possibly older???)  were space cadets.  One was talking to everyone, the other looked like he had done all the drugs in the world.  Exceptionally grateful that this is not our 'local' office, and is over 10 miles away.  Hopefully we will never encounter these people on the roads....

The boys in the book store
Paul went back to work on friday.  Luckily I had already arranged to go to my friends in the morning, which was very nice.  We relaxed last night, and had a few beers, while prepping the elves (more in my next blog).  Today we shopped (again).  Seems to be the American way....  We went to Hobbylobby, a hobby shop, which stocks everything for, well, hobbies. Paul has purchased himself some model cars to make, so needed some glue and paint.  They have loads in this shop, we got yet more Christmas decorations.  Then we travelled to Barnes and Noble, a book store where Oliver's school had their book fair.  Basically any books you purchased today, 20% of the price goes to the library at Oliver's school.  We got a few books....  An interesting one about Greenville, which I am looking forward to reading.  We then went to Longhorn Steak house for lunch.  Not going there again.  Waiting staff aren't great, my steak was undercooked, so they took it back to the kitchen.  It came out alright, but by a grumpy waitress.  The floor in the ladies restroom was worryingly sticky.....  Not a nice experience...  I am sure next time we eat out it will be much better.......

One happy 4 year old
BAD MUMMY FOOT NOTE - Isaac had his 4th birthday on Sunday ( I nearly forgot to put it in.....)  He had a really good day, loved his presents especially his Imaginext Castle, his Furby, his Xbox game (though Oliver loves this more)  and pretty much everything else.  We went for a McDonalds (his choice) and to Frankies Fun Park.  Then we came home, he had his Furby cake (he loved it), and he went to bed a happy 4 year old.  Can't believe he is 4 already.... Thanks to everyone who has given him a present, he loves all of them.  On the Monday he had his special birthday celebration at school, which involved me going in and taking a snack for his class.  They had the calendar months set put on the floor around the sun, and Isaac was holding a globe.  His teacher showed photos of him at birth, then he walked round the sun, then photos of him at 1, you get the gist....  Slightly different, but a nice celebration.  I had to say a few bits about him at each birthday, which was nice to remember

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