Sunday, 2 December 2012

The elf days of Christmas

Seeing as we are in a different country we have decided to start some new Christmas traditions, as it is nigh on impossible to maintain the ones we had.

 I read last year about the magical Christmas elves that come to visit children in the period before Christmas.  Their job is to report good and bad behavior back to Father Christmas.  Sometimes the elves can be mischievous...  Other people report them throwing underwear on the Christmas tree, toothpaste on mirrors, mustaches on pictures, drinking all of daddy's beer, etc.  but they can do good things too.  They often bring gifts, leave equipment for arts Christmas arts and crafts or Christmas baking.  The elves go backs to Father Christmas on the eve of Christmas Eve, taking with them their elf report on how the children have behaved.  They often leave a parting hamper, full of christmas goodies for the children.

Jingles, Sparkles and Fred
Our elves arrived last night (I bought them in k-mart after trawling quite a few stores).  They are called Jingles, Sparkles and Fred.  They came with a letter from Father Christmas and a elf report sheet.  The boys were very lucky, as they also brought the advent calendars and chocolate Santas.  The boys face was a picture this morning.  Oliver read most of the letter, but seeing as Isaac wasn't listening, I took over.  Oliver defiantly understands the concept, and I think Isaac does too.  Seb was more concerned as to why he only got one chocolate from his advent calendar, and could he have more of the chocolate Santa.....

A blurry Isaac with his chocolate Santa
Oliver reading the letter

I must give big kudos to the Netmums ladies on Facebook, and the Netmums coffeehouse thread.  There is loads of ideas on here.  I think what I am going to do is attach photos of the mischief the elves get up to on this blog entry.  Then I will do different entries for each week....  I might change my mind, though, depends what the elves drive me too......

Night of December 1st - The elves had a party to celebrate their arrival.  Think they had sore heads this  morning.....
Party time.....
 Night of December 2nd - The elves chillin' with Frosty the count down snow man, after a day of being almost torn apart by Gosling boys...

'Frosty's a dude'

*********************************************************************************Night of December 3rd - After a bit of TLC from Mummy Gosling, the elf's feel up for some play time

Night of December 4th - Watching a bit of late night TV.  Hope its nothing too dodgy......

Night of December 5th - Play time with Isaac's confiscated toys....

Night of December 6th - The elves were really tired and took themselves off to bed....


  1. Just in case Jingles, Sparkles and Fred run out of ideas, here are two websites I've enjoyed - and But don't have too much fun ;)

  2. Awsome think they might be enjoying a few tipples between now and Xmas eve x