Sunday, 9 December 2012

Another house guest....

Butler Bear doing craft with the boys

Who would have thought it..... First Elves, now a bear!!!! Oliver has got 'Butler Bear' for the weekend. This is something his class teacher has been doing for 20 years!  Every child in her class gets to take Butler home for a weekend, they have to take photos and document what they have done with Butler.   So far he has had a snack and played Xbox.  This morning he has helped the boys do some Christmas arts and crafts.  It is nice to read through the journal and see what other kids have done.  Oliver seems to be really enjoying it.

This week has been good.  Paul came home on Wednesday after being at Talledega for 2 nights doing testing on the cars.  He loved it!  Good job too, as he is there again in 2 weeks time.  

Seb at the Zoo.  Yes it really was cold....
Thursday I went to Greenville Zoo with Liene.  Typically after a week of temperatures in the low 20's, the thermometer was only hitting 11!  Was good to go to the zoo again, and nice to share it with someone who is so knowledgable about the local area.  The boys all had a good time, and we even got to see the baby giraffe despite the cold temperatures.  

Friday I went food shopping (yawn!), then went to pick Isaac up from preschool.  He had been really good, the teachers hadn't spoken to be about any bad behaviour so I had told him that if he was good on friday he could have some sweets after lunch.  He wasn't.  He had been pushing in line, and trying to hurt other children.  So then we had a big upset Isaac, as he realised he would not get his sweets.  not a happy bunny, not a happy mummy. Paul had already said he was going to try and leave early, so I text him to see if he could pick Oliver up on the way home.  Luckily he could.  He also picked up my prescription from the pharmacy.  Bye bye $300!!!!  Thank goodness for  health insurance, so we can claim it back.  In the meantime, Isaac, Seb and I went to our local Target store.  Man, I love those shops.... could spent a fortune without even realising it..... 

Today Paul spent the morning putting the Christmas lights outside.  I did some Christmas arts and Crafts with the boys, which was good fun.  They were at it for about an hour, really good concentration from my boys, especially as there was no tv involved, lol.  We went out to Chik-a-fila for lunch today, yummy, not your ordinary fast food, the service is good, as is the food.  Then to Lowes for some additional Christmas bits, then home.  Paul snuck out later in the afternoon to get the Christmas tree.  In the UK, he would have taken the boys, but seeing as he wanted a huge one, we thought it easier he go on his own.  We are going to decorate it tonight, then put the elves underneath it, with some character decorations for the boys to hang,  New Christmas tradition.

So I am now off to decorate the tree....


Night of December 7th - The elves have some treats for the boys... 

Night of December 8th - The elves brought us a Christmas tree, straight from the North Pole (Home Depot).  They had also been to see Father Christmas, and left the boys the report that they had shown him about their first week in the Gosling house.  The elves had some new Disney decorations for the boys to put on the tree.

Night of December 9th - The elves got cosy in the stockings

*********************************************************************************Night of December 10th - The elves messed around in the bathroom

Night of December 11th - The elves were waiting patiently for their breakfasts...


Night of 12-12-12 - The elves appear to have been jumping on the sofa, wonder where they got that idea.....

Night of December 13th - the elves had a quiet one, reading in the playroom

*********************************************************************************Night of December 14th - The elves have been mischievous.  They decorated the christmas tree with the boys pants, then hid in it!

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