Friday, 28 December 2012

He came.....

Well we have survived our first Christmas stateside.

The elves left on the eve of Christmas eve.  They left some new pajamas, and a Christmas story for the boys.  If Paul and I had not got soo drunk that night, they would have left a few other things we have since found in the cupboard, oopps.

Oliver and Isaac opening presents
The boys went to bed very excited on Christmas eve.  I prepped the turkey (my first one ever, eeeekkkkkk), while Paul made up a few of the boys bigger presents ready for me to wrap.  I am exceptionally pleased that I had wrapped their other presents  a few days before, there was no way I could have done them all on Christmas eve. We eventually made it to bed just after midnight.  Oliver was so excited, that he was out of bed at 1.30am, 3.30am, 5.30am, and I am sure there are a few others that have all blurred into the ones mentioned.  We all got up about 6.30am, and came down to see all their presents.  Bless Oliver and Isaac, even the small presents of pots of playdoh and stocking stuff got instant excitable reactions.  Seb, however, was completely underwhelmed by the whole thing, barely wanted to open anything, was more interested in what his brothers had got.  I managed to cajole him by half opening ones I knew he would like, then getting him to do the rest.  They all got a lot, a lot more than normal.  We made a conscious effort on this, as they had brought so little from the UK.  I won't talk about all their presents, but big hits seem to be an Angry Birds game for Oliver, any of the Imaginex stuff for Isaac, and Seb's Little Tikes car.
Seb's new ride

After the boys were done with presents from Father Christmas, we started Skype-ing.  First up were the Goslings in Oxford.  They opened all their presents from us, which we had delivered there, and the boys did the ones from them.  Next up, we FaceTimed with my mum and Lee, did the same thing with the presents.  Oliver and Seb were exceptionally pleased to see a Furby each to go along with Isaac's.  The Furby's are getting along well, and have been known to talk to each other for up to 15 minutes with no human interaction, spooky.  We then Skype-d with my dad.  By now Seb had  gone for a sleep, which was a shame, as he absolutely loved what he received.  Was great to see all the family at Christmas, even if just on a screen.

My first ever turkey
By now I had begun Christmas dinner.  I did all the prep the night before, so all i had to do was turn the cooker on.  I was perfectly distracted while dishing up by the Gosling band playing through Skype. My timings were perfect, and we sat down at 2.45 to a yummy Christmas dinner, and it was YUMMY.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing the Gosling online on the XBox at F1 Race Stars, a very cool game Isaac received for his birthday.  And Paul insisted on watching the basketball.  There were only 5 games on back to back......

Yesterday was another day spent indoors.  We played some more computer, did some Lego and Paul sorted out more of the boys toys.  We currently have a basketball hoop and a water table set up in the front room.  These will go outside once the weather improves.  I made the ultimate triple-decker turkey sandwich for lunch yesterday, and we had Turkey curry last night.  Was all really tasty.  I have eaten far too much food in the last few days, but its ok.  One of my presents was Dance Central 3 on the Xbox Kinect.  I had a little practice on it last night, it is awesome.  I shall be using it to shift my Christmas belly.

The ultimate trolley, can sit 3 children.
My bread, yeah!!!!!!
Today we actually left the house!!!! Didn't go anywhere exciting, just Walmart.  We have some people coming round tomorrow so needed to pick up some more food.  I also needed some other items to enable me to play with my new toys.  We came back, and I stuck some ingredient in the slow cooker for turkey soup (another thing I hope is going to help rid me of my belly).  I then stuck some ingredients in my bread maker.  My first loaf looks awesome, I can't wait to try it!!!!

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  1. Congrats on a beautiful first turkey! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas in Gville, despite the distance from family. I know how hard it can be, especially the first major holiday. See you soon!