Monday, 7 January 2013

The festive bubble

So sorry I have not updated in so long, I have been busy doing this, and well, nothing and everything.  Time just seems to slip away......

Ok....  So we had our friends round on the friday after Christmas.  Paul went and shot a gun with his friends that morning, but I have asked for no details, as I am not interested to know.  It was nice to have people over, there were lots of kids who all played really well together.

It is the christmas season so we have been getting very merry and staying up to late.  I had become quite accustomed to my afternoon kip on the sofa....

On the sunday we became members of Greenville Zoo.  This is obviously our local zoo.  It is not too big, perfect for small kiddies, and for a bargain $57 we get free entry all year and free/discounted entry to other zoo's across the country.  If you are coming to visit us, expect to be taken here.

New years eve we went out for a meal for lunch (see the link above), and got very drunk in the evening.

We were supposed to meet up with the same friends on New Years day for a walk, but I think most were feeling a little worse for wear, and it was raining all day.  Hope that is not an omen for how the weather will be for the rest of the year.

Paul and Isaac went back to work and school on wednesday, bummer.  We have decided to try and get a little bit fit and stop drinking so much this year.  Last year was such an intense busy year, it will be nice to take it a bit easier this year, especially as we are kinda into a routine that seem to work (touch wood.....)

Oliver went back to school on thursday.  He really did not want to go.  Think this may have rubbed off on Isaac, as when he got to preschool he burst in to tears, and refused to get out of the car.  I had to get out, get him out, and hand him to his teacher.  He went in crying, I felt awful.  We had been invited for a walk on this afternoon, but given Isaacs behavior and the fact it was raining, I cancelled.  Typically, I picked him up, and he is happy as Larry, yabbering away about what he has been up to. We spent a lovely afternoon playing lego.

Friday, I went out for a meal with the girls.  It had been a hard week for some, and the rest wanted to help, and enjoy some fine food.  And it was fine, (again see the link above).

Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese, then to Target for some storage boxes for the Christmas decorations among other things.  I love that store,  I could honestly spend a fortune every time I go in there.

So the Christmas decorations came down today.  A bit sad to see them go, but at least we have part of the living room back.  Our first Christmas here has been really good, nice and relaxing.  It has been grand to spend time as a family, yet still be able to be in touch with family back home.  Yes, we have missed you, but we have 3 monkey who keep us up to our eyeballs in toys, demand, computer and tv...

Coming up.... Paul is off to Duluth in Minnesota for winter testing.  The highest temperature there today was 25F.  Thats about -3 in Celsius. And thats their high!!!!!!  Neglected to mention another reason for the trip to Target was to get some thermals, he's sure going to need them!!!!  So it is just me and the boys thursday through to sunday.  It will be nice to spend some time with them, but I will defiantly need a glass of wine once they have gone to bed....

I also have 2 diabetic appointments this week, one with the dietician on wednesday and one with my nurse on thursday.  Looking forward to seeing the dietitian, intrigued to see how they do things out here compared to home (last time I saw a dietitian back home  was 3 years ago).  Also looking forward to seeing my nurse.  My numbers have improved a lot in the month since I last saw her, they are definably  heading in the right direction.

We also booked a log cabin for my birthday up in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Isaac has the week of my birthday off school as winter break, so we head up on the 7th, come back on the 10th.  More on that nearer the time.

It is Sebastians birthday on the 19th, and I have done sweet f a about getting him anything.  Think I will take him to Toys-r-us the week after next, and see what catches his eye.

Sorry this has been a bit like a diary entry, I will start posting more regularly again soon xxx

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