Monday, 17 December 2012

Bit somber this, sorry


Well.....Where to start???

Last week was a good week.  We had friends round on tuesday and thursday, was lovely to catch up and chat while the kids played.  Paul and I sat up and watched the 12-12-12 concert on wednesday night.  It was really good, my only moans are how late it went on, and that Dave Grohl and co should have played more than one song.

Isaac at his holiday show, he is right in the middle, under the glare of the lights
Isaac started last week being very naughty at school, to the point where I got phone calls home on tuesday.  Wednesday he went in, and it was his Christmas party.  He was good as gold!!!! I told him how happy I was that he had been good, his response ' me had bad days, but now me gonna have lots of good days'.  Thursday morning I had to drop him in Fountain Inn (the next town down) as he had a rehearsal for his Holiday Program.  Again when I picked him up, he had been good as gold, and had really enjoyed his ride in the school bus from Fountain Inn back to preschool.  That evening I took him back for his actually show.  It was really good.  It was held in a big auditorium, and all age groups, from toddler (2-3) to Grade 4 (9-10) and older performed.  Again Isaac was really good.  He was sat right in the middle of all the kids, and although he didn't sing, and wriggled like mad, I felt really proud.
He had another good day on friday, and has now finished for the year.

Friday, I had Debbie from our relocation company round in the morning to give me some intercultural training.  This was very interesting, we discussed all sorts, religion, guns, school, medical care.  She left me two books, one the company writes, and another more generic one on American culture and customs.  I have finished them both already, and they are a very good read.  A lot of it I knew already, but some startling statistics and facts.

Strange that while I am discussing American culture, that a vulgar side of it should rear its head in the North.  The news has been dominated by what happened in that school on friday morning.  So sad, so shocking.  We have not told the boys, they do not need to know.  American schools have got a lot safer in recent years, and these things don't happen in schools often.  I hope, like many others do, that the media do not become obsessed with the perpetrator, and instead focus on those victims, many of whom are the same age as Oliver.....

My boys at Heritage Park

We had quite a relaxing weekend.  We went out for lunch both days.  Saturday we went to Fountain
Inn to get  a proper look at it.  It is smaller than Simpsonville, but by the looks of things, they are about to redevelop the infrastructure and take it from a 4 lane road down to 2, a bit like Greenville. We stopped at Heritage Park on the way home.  Its huge!!!!! It has a bigger car park than Oliver's school.  The boys had a play in the park, then we went for a walk around.  I believe there is a hot air ballon event there on memorial day, and there is also an amphitheater where they put on shows and cinema nights through the summer.  The boys were pretty tired after this, so we came home and watched a film (I had a sleep.....).

Sunday the elves had left some arts and crafts for the boys, so we did those in the morning.  We were going to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch, but as we drove into the packed car park, we noticed people sitting outside, waiting for tables.  So we went next door to the Arizona Steakhouse. All I can say is yummy, and I am going to start another blog about our experiences of eating out in the USA.
Watch this space......

I started wrapping Christmas presents last night.  I got all the ones from relatives done, then started on the ones from Father Christmas.  Then I ran out of tape......

This week is turning out to be quite busy.  We have a relaxing day today, in fact it is raining.  Think I am going to take the boys to the library this afternoon, see what its like.  Oliver has his last day tomorrow.  He has to be at school normal time, then has his chapel service at 8.30, and finishes after that, so aboyt 9.30.  He has an event in a local park with all of the boys in his grade that we are goiing to, so that should be interesting.....  Wednesday we have a friend round, thursday we are off to another friens, then friday should be another relaxing one.  Christmas dinner and last minute present to get next weekend.  then thats it, our first Christmas in the states, and the first one we have had without any relatives around, going to be different.....


Night of December 15th - The elves have brought some arts and crafts


 Night of December 16th - They're trying to escape.......


Night of December 17th - Naughty elves, playing on the stairs


Night of December 18th - indulging in some computer time

*********************************************************************************Night of December 19th - The elves decided to sleep in Isaac's and Sebastian's room, so no photos.  Isaac was really pleased to see them in his room (at 5.30am.......)


Night of December 20th - the elves brought some dough and cookie cutters and decorations, so the boys could make some Christmas cookies

*********************************************************************************Night of 21st December - the elves keep an eye on the time, knowing it is not long till they have to go home...

Night of the 23rd December - the elves have to go home tonight to help Father Christmas load his sleigh.  Here are Isaac and Sebastian in the pajamas that they have left.....


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