Monday, 19 November 2012

Party time


I did not see anyone last week!!!!  Other than Isaacs teacher at his conference, which went fine.  He is doing really well and has a list of phonics with actions.  She is really pleased with his progress and we are both aware of the areas we need to work on.

I picked up a bike on friday for Isaac.  We got it from Craigs List (a bit like a cross between Ebay, but no auctions, and classified ads) for a bargain price.  He loves it.  Now we need to keep our eyes open for one for Isaac.

Oliver had 2 birthday parties over the weekend.  The first was a sports party on the other side of Greenville.  He really enjoyed the running, obstacle course, dodgeball and musical basket ball chairs!  The one on Sunday was at Playnation, an indoor place with loads of garden equipment set up.  Again, he really enjoyed it, although he didn't eat anything at either party.  My boys can be so fussy over food....  It was nice to meet some of the parents from Oliver's school.  I swear, literally everyone I spoke to was a doctor or married to a doctor.  There was a cardiologist, an oncologist, a nurse, an obs/gyn......  The joys of private school

Speaking of food, we were very naughty and had 2 takeouts over the weekend.  Friday we got pizza delivered, which was yummy.  Even Seb ate some pizza, Isaac ate the breadsticks, and Oliver had pizza and breadsticks.  Saturday was McDonalds.  I could not be bothered to cook....  To make up for it, I did a roast beef yesterday for lunch, and the boys have been eating homemade chocolate cake fro pudding. I made one last week to practice for Isaacs birthday cake, more to come on that next time.....

Saturday night is movie night for me and Paul.  We order a film from the on demand provided by Charter.  This week we watched Twilight.  I didn't know much about this film.  I LOVED IT!!!!!!  Even Paul enjoyed it.  So much so, that we watched the second one straight after.  Saturday night was quite a late one....

This week it is Thanksgiving.  Oliver has a feast at school today, Isaac has his tomorrow.  Oliver is providing crisps and Isaac is providing apple juice.  Oliver finishes school at 12 tomorrow, and Isaac finishes later at 12.30.  They are then off for the rest of the week, and Paul is off thursday and friday.  He is using up some of his holiday left over from Rolls Royce, and taking next monday-thursday off. We have been invited to a friends on Thanksgiving day itself for a Thanksgiving dinner, which we are looking forward to.

Then it is Isaacs birthday on Sunday.  We have already bought all his presents, I will be wrapping them during the week, the spending friday night sticking his cake together, and saturday night decorating it.  If it all goes to plan, it should be a work of art, but we will see.....  Pictures to follow.....

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