Saturday, 26 October 2013

Planes, just me and the small ones

Yoozers, it's been a bit too long since I posted a catch up post.  I will try and keep this brief

Paul was away for part of last week.  The boys and I survived well.  We didn't really do much, just the normal mundane stuff.

Last weekend there was a special event at Greenville downtown airport.  My friend has posted in more detail about it here.  3 very old airplanes were at the airport all weekend for people to tour (for a price, it would have been $40 for all of us), or to take a flight in. They were the Consolidated B-24 Liberator “Witchcraft” WWII Heavy Bomber, the P-51 Mustang Fighter “Betty Jane” and a vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress ”Nine O Nine". We headed there on the Sunday morning, and managed to see them from a distance (we were not prepared to pay).  The boys liked them, but they had more fun playing in the park next to the Runway Cafe.

Paul was then away again this week, all week this time.  The first half was spent at Carolina Motor Speedway near Columbia, then the second half at Talladega.  Again, the boys and I survived just fine!  I will admit, I have not done much homeschooling type stuff with Seb.  I just have not had the energy to dedicate to it.  We did the usual Gymboree on Monday.  Tuesday we stayed in all day, as we were going to our friend Liene's house for dinner.  The boys all had a great time, ate plenty of pizza, and played really well.  Liene gave me a couple of puzzle boards for Seb, which he loves

It occurred to me that we left all this kind of thing behind in the UK, as we deemed it too babyish.  Silly me....  Seb is awesome with them, and I hope it gets him interested in puzzled.

Wednesday we had another quiet day, as we were off to baseball in the evening.  This meant a very early dinner, particularly as we had to be there even earlier for Oliver to have photos done.  Man, it was cold.  Like really cold.  Thank goodness his game was at 6.  In the last 2 weeks Oliver has had 2 baseball games, they are still undefeated.  Oliver did really well in this one.  He did some good fielding in the in and out field. He is not a baseball natural, think he needs to watch it a bit more on TV.  He also got a couple more runs under his belt which was good.

The last 2 nights have been really cold, like 4 degrees celcius at night.  The heating is now on upstairs and downstairs.  It really feels like winter out there, never mind fall...

Yesterday morning I went for the open morning at Oliver's school, mainly to check out the primer (kindergarten) rooms.  I was assigned parent ambassador, and a senior student, who turned out to be the librarians boy.  Obviously I took Seb.  He was good as gold during all the introductory chats and speeches.  Then we went on the tour. I got a good look at the primer classrooms.  They are all quite different, each one matches the personality of the teachers, who seem lovely.  I got to look at some of the work they were doing, very good. I was thoroughly impressed.  Next we went to the 4th and 3rd grade classroom, as I wanted to see  what Oliver has to come.  We are in for some fun....  I came away really wanting Isaac to go next year.  It felt right for him.  

We met our good friends Christy and Edmund at the zoo.  It was all decked out for Boo in the Zoo which takes place this weekend and last weekend.  This is billed as a safe, non-scary trick-or-treat event for kids 12 & under.  We are not planning on doing it this year, due to other plans, and the fact Oliver and Isaac really want to do trick or treating round our neighbourhood. 
This morning Anna came round to look after Isaac and Seb while I went for Isaacs conference at school.  He is doing really well, he just needs to choose trickier work and become more interested in letters and words.  I asked her a bit about kindergarten next year.  Once the 3-4 year olds are gone, they cover up a lot of the classroom, and focus on tricky work which entails maths, literacy  letters and words. Plus they get homework. She also said that those who started kindergarten unable to read, were generally reading by christmas.  I came away feeling very pleased with Isaac for the progress he is making.  I also felt happy that if he ends up staying there, he will really excel academically, as well as socially.  

Paul came home this afternoon, woohooo.  He even picked up Oliver for me, so Isaac and I watched a film, and had a chilled day before the chaos of this weekend.....

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Before I forget, my awesome sis-in-law has set up a blogging thing for November.  Find the link here.  I shall be partaking in some of the blogs.  The idea is to write about a topic she has put up for each day.  There are a few that catch my eye that I am already looking forward to.  So if you are an experienced blogger, or new to this writing malarky,  please, have a little look.  If you decide to do it, make sure you link back to her blog.  Could  be a lot of fun....

Now to continue drinking beer packing

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  1. Hope you've had a wonderful NASCAR experience! As you're arriving home to a bit of a dreary day I'm passing some sunshine on to you at Femme au Foyer this morning...