Thursday, 27 March 2014


I have been a very bad blogger, and have not posted in nearly 3 weeks.  This may bite me on the arse. I will try and keep this short and entertaining......

 It was Paul's birthday on the 18th.  This was his present pile.  It mainly consisted of clothes, beer and English food.  Thanks to all who sent gifts, cards and well wishes.

Sebastian is loving school.  By Wednesday he is running down the corridor to get to his classroom.  I am so pleased about this.  His talking is getting kinda better.  He is trying to tell us more stuff, more expressive, but still in vowel sounds.  Oliver had a ENT check up last week, he is fine, but I got the doctor to check Sebs ears.  I explained that he wasn't talking, just like Oliver wasn't at this stage, and as Oliver's  cholesteatoma was congenital, what are the chances?  He had a look, and referred him for a hearing test.  There is no chloresteotoma, but at one point he thought one of his ear drums wasn't reacting as well as it should have been.  The hearing test is the beginning of May

I also took Seb for a haircut.  After out last disaster at Great Clips, where he refused to get in the chair. I thought it was time to go down the kids hair salon route again.  We ended up at Snip It's, using a voucher to get a first hair cut for $10

Well worth it.  There normal prices of $17.99 are not unreasonably steep, they have straps on the chairs, always a nice when you have a child who tries to wriggle.  Seb was really good, and the hair dresser was awesome, very patient and knew exactly how to deal with him.

We made it to the zoo last Friday, as it was a beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately, so did half of Greenville... We had to queue 15 minutes to get in.  Once in, it wasn't too bad though.  Isaac and Seb seemed to have a good time.

Now, I am no helicopter parent.  In fact I try to keep my distance when the kids are on the park (having at least 2 at a time, I often have no choice).  I got pretty miffed though with the kids in the zoo park and Cleveland Park who insisted on trying to push Seb off everything, despite the fact he was there first.  Be it bouncy things, the fire truck, there were kids there trying to push him off.  Give Seb his due, he stood his ground firm, and would not move.  Guess having 2 older brothers does pay off, even when you can't express yourself properly.

Baseball season has begun with a vengeance!  Isaac had his first game Monday night, which we all went to watch.  A 7pm game for 5 year old, seriously?!?  The worst thing is he only has 2 games at 6pm, the rest are at 7.... Something wrong with the scheduling, particularly when Oliver has at least 4 games at 6pm, often on the nights Isaac's are at 7.... I digress.....  I was so pleased for him, he hit the ball first time (he often misses in practice, and has to hit off the tee).  He got a bit upset in the field, as the ball was coming near him, and one of his team mates ran to get it first.  Next time round, another team mate got it, and gave to Isaac to throw to first base.  So cute.  Luckily it is pee wee baseball, so no one gets out, and everyone wins.

Tomorrow is Oliver's first game.  Think Paul will be taking him on his own.....  The season actually starts properly on Saturday, with a big thing at Heritage Park, and team photos being taken.  Typically, we are away this weekend, so both boys will miss it.....

Any whooo sorry it has taken me so long to blog.  If you know me, you will know that I have been up to loads.  I regularly think about things I could blog about, but then life happens, and I have to deal with things, and I forget, or think better.  I have been venting a lot recently.  Things annoy me.  And it's just little things.  I am incredibly grateful for my family, and to be living this life.  Still does stop the annoyance creeping in, the what ifs, the irritations.

The kids are hard at the moment.  Oliver has strops, and cries over the littlest things.  Isaac is a winge bucket, and overly sensitive.  half the time you can't hear him properly cos he is wingeing too much.  Sebastian needs to find his voice, and stop throwing himself at things (us and his brothers) head first.  I love them though.  They are my babies, even if they are getting old and smelly.....

I reckon I only talk about a third, if that, of what actually goes on in our lives in this blog.  None of us are perfect, that would be too boring.  There are so many more things I could write about, but you probably wouldn't want to hear them, they would bore you, and they are the more mediocre day to day shit that we all go through.....   As the kids get older, and time seems to be moving faster by the day, you come to appreciate the little things you are grateful for, and the things and people you miss.  You learn over time how to make life easier, so you can spend more time doing things you want to do, the things you enjoy doing and the things that make yourself and those around you happier....

And on that note, we are off to the beach......


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