Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday is the new Monday (for me, anyway)

I don't moan on here usually, but I feel the need to vent today.  This is a completely selfish post, and although most things are going well I have had a few things that irk me this week....

For my recent OU course, I have to come up with a project on a current environmental issue, and design some web pages regarding the issue.  My great title was 'Will America run out of water?'.  I had begun my research and it was looking promising.  My tutor requested we sent her ideas so she could vet them, and make sure they are appropriate.  She responded to my proposal, after being in touch with the markers.  Turns out my topic is too closely related to the course content (I only recently looked at all the blocks and realized the last one is on water, and the USA features quite prominently in it).  So now I have to come up with a new one.... I want to do something related to America.  I have come up with: bear habitat versus human habitat, and waste in the marine environment, but not sure where to go with either of them.  Dams is another topic that interests me, possibly in china?  Suggestions welcome!

Thursdays are beginning to be the new Mondays for me.  I had a diabetic appointment this morning, and my HbA1c has gone up slightly.  My diabetic nurse is not too worried, she still says it is better than it was, and it is fairly consistent.  She then did the usual feet inspection, and feeling of my glands in my neck.  Then she went and got the doctor.  He also had a feel of my neck.  Turns out I have an enlarged thyroid gland.  My last thyroid level was low, almost worryingly low.  So she sent me for a blood test, I am now awaiting her phone call.  I have stupidly done a little self diagnosing (thanks google), and I reckon I will probably end up on yet more medication for the rest of my life....

I was driving to get Oliver this afternoon, about three o'clock.  Nice bright sunny day, busy road.  I glimpse a deer out of the corner of my eye.  Then I hear a great big Whack.  Look round behind me to see the head of  a deer against the far back window.  I pulled over 100 meters down the road at a driving range and get out to survey the damage.  Fur and a dent.  I am shaking like a leaf, about to call Paul, thinking the worst, when another car pulls in.  A lady behind me had seen it happen and pulled over to check I was ok.  I thank this lady.  She was very reassuring, and even recommended a good dent guy.  I thanked her and got back in the car, then called Paul.  

These are photos I took when I got home.  See the fur?

That's the dent.  It is not too bad, just in a difficult place to repair.  I feel exceptionally lucky to have got off with a dent.

The lady told me the deer had run off in to the grass area.....


  1. have you had the ultrasound of thyroid?
    Bllod test for TPO antibodies?
    are you taking Metformin?

  2. Hey!
    No ultrasound as of yet..... Don't know if they are testing for TPO antibodies....
    No metformin for me, I am insulin dependent......