Friday, 4 July 2014

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Anyone who knew me in England knew that as a family we are car mad.  That has only escalated since moving stateside.  When I was planning this trip we decided we had to go to Indianapolis to see the track.  I looked in to it in advance, and booked us on a tour.  

We arrived at the track about 9.15.  It's kinda weird, cos the main road is right next to the grandstand, then you drive under the track to get to the museum in the middle

I was glad I has reserved us on the tour, as the place was busy.  

We had a quick walk around the museum before jumping on a full tour bus.

The first thing we did was drive the circuit at a speedy 45mph!!!!  The tour guide was giving a running commentary, very educational.  First stop was the famous brick finishing line.  Bricks replaced the original surface of crushed rock and tar in 1909, but asphalt had covered all but the yard of bricks at the start finish straight by 1961.  The finish line is one of the only parts of brick remaining. NASCAR champion Dale Jarrett began the tradition of kidding this bricks in 1996.  This continues to this day with Indy and NASCAR drivers kissing the bricks if they win.

The other people on the tour were very nice, and were snapping pictures for each other.

The pagoda is an iconic building at Indy, and has been there in some shape or form since 1913.  The modern rendition was completed in 2000.

Final turn….. 

After spending some time on the track, we headed inside the pagoda.  First stop: the press room.  the guide gave loads of interesting facts, then invited people to sit behind the press stand.  Our boys had people in stitches with what they were saying.  

Then on to the winners podium.  Isaac had a strop cos Oliver got to stand in winners position first

The boys loved it (though Isaac really needed a wee by now!) 

We were able to go to various different levels of the pagoda, the media room, where commentators and press from around the world are placed when races are on; the very top, where the VIP's sit.  The views were amazing from the top.

We headed back down, and waited to get back on the bus.  Here's Oliver dreaming of his future...

The tour of Indianapolis Motor Speedway is well worth doing.  It is a good 90 minutes, and our boys only started getting bored towards the end.  Well worth doing.  For tour times check here

We headed back to the museum for a final look around, and a trip to the gift shop for souvenirs.  The boys nada hard time deciding which cars they wanted, and we came away with much more than we anticipated…. 

Then it was time to drive under the stands and out on the main road for our next adventure….

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