Friday, 4 July 2014

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the journey home

We left Indianapolis fairly early, and headed south.  It was only when we started driving we realized we could *probably* have done the drive from Indianapolis to Greenville in one hit.  Too late, the hotel in Clinton, Tennessee was already booked.  We looked for somewhere to break up the journey and decided on Louisville, Kentucky.  I was aware that that is where the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory is so we decided to give it a go.

It took us just under 2 hours to get from Indianapolis to Louisville, and it was pretty easy to find somewhere to park, right by the river.  We spotted these old paddle steamers.  If we had the time, we would have taken a ride on one of them.  Instead we headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

This was a fairly cheap excursion.  We were able to look around the small museum, before going on a short 30 minute tour of the factory.  It was a fairly busy tour group, which was a shame, as the tour was pretty good, but would have been better with less people.  Of course, we weren't able to take any photos of the bats being made, trade secrets etc, but it was interesting to learn the history. 

For taking the tour, we were given a mini bat, pretty cool, but not necessarily with 3 boys in the house (they are up high, and have not been played with at all).  We had to stop in the gift shop to pick up general paraphernalia.  

The Slugger factory is known for having the world record for the largest baseball bat.

It is also on the same street as Louisville Children's Museum, but seeing as we did this yesterday, we gave it a miss, and eventually found somewhere for lunch.

Luigi's is a small pizzeria on Main Street in Louisville.  You order at the counter, and they heat what you chose from a pre selected choice in front of you.  All the boys had pizza, which were very generously sized slices.  I went with some lasagne.  We also ordered a plate of garlic bread, and 4 drinks.

Luigi's has their own range of pizza sauce which you can purchase in store.  My lasagna was absolutely delicious, and after some enticement, Isaac eventually ate his pizza.  We finished off pretty much everything, though the garlic bread was a bit crunchy.  If you are visiting any of the attractions in this area of Louisville, I would stop for some food at Luigi's.  They do your typical pizza, pasta and strombolis

Luigi's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

We continued onward to Clinton, Tennessee.  This was always intended to be a stop over to break up the drive.  We had booked a Holiday Inn, and checked in about 5.30pm.  Not a bad place, but very locally, if you know what i mean….

We went out for some dinner (the less said about that the better), and came back to use the pool, one of the main reasons we had booked this hotel.  The pool was an indoor/outdoor pool, but just like the last place, the floor was too sloppy when wet, and both Seb and Isaac took a couple of nasty falls.  We headed back to the room ready to go home.

Our journey from Clinton took just over 2 hours.  We stopped at Firehouse Subs on Pelham Road on the way home, so we could fill up our bellies, as I knew there was little in the house. 

We unpacked, and gathered up all the souvenirs.  This is something we never really did in the UK, but we feel like we should here, as we are not here for ever, and it will be nice to look back on things in a few years time and remember them. 

I went and got the cat from boarding, she was ever so pleased to see us!  She even slept on Seb's bed that evening, something she has never done before.

We even had a friendly chipmunk great us the next morning.  First time we have seen one that close to the house.

As much as we enjoyed our big trip ands it was amazing to see all the different places, it was very good to be home.  We have only recently became people who go on exploring holidays. finding things to do in destinations.  Before children all we wanted to do was lie on a beach/by a pool and drink beer.  We still want to do this, but thats not great for the boys.  It is nice to experience some culture and history of this beautiful country.

Needless to say, we spent most of the 4th July weekend at home…...

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