Thursday, 7 August 2014

Photo drop of what we have been up to…..

So we have been home for about 5 weeks.  The longest 5 weeks of my life……  Remember that big plan of things I wanted to do this summer??? Me neither.

I have tried my best to keep the boys amused, but it is hard work!  We have checked out some new parks thanks to the Park Hop. We didn't complete it, but it was fun to visit new cheap places

Isaac and I went blueberry picking when Oliver was on camp, and Seb was in school.  We got quite a haul, though Isaac got bored quite quickly. We did take Oliver a couple of weeks later, and he enjoyed it more than I thought he would.

I made my first (and second and third….) batch of blubbery muffins from what we picked.  These have become a staple breakfast for me

Oliver did a week of camp.  It was based at his school, and was a math camp.  He really enjoyed it.  He got to do all different types of things.  It was an all day camp, which was great for all concerned!

Isaac and I went bug hunting.  Honestly, this boys is obsessed with bugs.  We managed to catch some centipedes and 2 grass hoppers.  The centipedes died quite quickly, though we kept the grass hoppers for about a week.  One of them changed from a beige color to green while we had him.  Very cool.

We have also been peach picking, again while Oliver was on camp.  We went to Fishers Orchard.  So many peaches, and loads within the boys reach

We filled this basket in about 30 minutes.  We might even go again soon. I am not the biggest fan of peaches, some thing about the fuzz.  But they are yummy in muffins, and smoothies.  I have a load in the freezer ready to be used.

We took a trip to the zoo, where we saw the tarantula moving.  First time in nearly 2 years I have seen it move.  Freaky…..

Oliver Isaac and Seb completed the summer reading challenge from the library.  What a glut of prizes!!!!  They each got a medal, a magnet, a voucher for free food at Taco Bell, and a free ticket to a baseball game at Greenville Drive (more to come on that later)

We have been to the pool a lot, when the weather allows us.  Isaac even made a friend.  He spotted this frog in the water, and it swam straight to him and jumped in his hand.  He was able to carry it out at release it.  Real nature boy!

Thats it for now, I do have more to write about, but wanted to make this short.  Of the 5 weeks we have been home, the last 2 have been exceptionally stressful.

More on that next time!

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