Thursday, 21 August 2014

Back to school

Have I mentioned recently how long the summer holidays have been, and how much I am looking forward to the boys going back to school???

Well the day is nearly upon us.  I tell you, 12 weeks is just too long for a summer holiday.  Since the stress of getting Isaac into Oliver's school has now passed, I have been doing my darnedest to get organized.

School uniform was ordered after we got back from holiday.  Isaac luckily didn't need much, as when we first ordered Oliver's when we got here, we ended up with duplicate orders (long story…).  So there has been uniform sitting in Isaacs closet, virtually unused.  Oliver only needed new shorts and new t-shirts.  I will not be buying beige bottoms for them again, they are a nightmare to keep clean, Isaac has some of Oliver's beige trousers, but they will both be in navy shorts to begin.  I can pick up the trousers from a store in the mall when they actually need them!

Isaac shares a closet with Sebastian, and there was just no where to hang his uniform.  So I commandeered one of the hall way closets upstairs for both their uniforms.  


The top shelf has bottoms, then t-shirts and jumpers hanging, then 2 boxes with their underwear in, as the both need plain socks for school, and neither have many of these!  Hopefully it will make getting dressed in the morning easier, and changed after school quicker.  We shall see….

As Isaac is now doing full days, I came up with a little lunch chart bellow.  Nothing special, just a table with their names and 5 boxes for what they want in their lunch boxes.  Then a section below.  I printed it, cut the food items out, laminated it, then stuck magnetic tape on the back so it sticks on the fridge.  This is to make my life easier when making their lunches, but also to help with Isaac's word recognition, to get him reading as soon as possible.

They even have somewhere to hang their bags and keep their shoes.  Last year, their shoes were just going in the generic shoe box by the door, and bags into the cupboard.  That cupboard is a bit too full now (I am hanging on to junk, now I have space to keep it!), so they have a peg each in the utility room, and a basket each for shoes and other important things they may need for school.  


I can put their lunches there, and they can pick them up in the morning.  Should work…..

Isaac met his teacher this morning, and got to see his classroom.  Considering he has been saying all week that he didn't want to go, he was brilliant.  He was polite, friendly and courteous.  I certainly took the good Isaac to school this morning. He really did me proud, and I think his teacher was quite taken with him.  We got to the drop in session at a good time, as Isaac had free run of the room, and his teacher was able to speak to him and me well.  I am so excited for him.  I really hope he enjoys it, I think he will.  His old school really set him up to succeed, and I think he will do so well in this school.  Cuteness alert:  For the first 3-4 weeks, the older pupils have to go and get their kindergarten siblings for car pool, make sure they have all their belongings and wait nicely with them for the car pool number.  Love it!! Oliver is going to take great pride in collecting Isaac, and Isaac will love seeing Oliver at the end of the day.  

Isaac even got to meet a couple of his class mates, and a kid he did baseball with last year is also starting in his grade, but in a different class.  Isaac has 13 in his class, including him.  Think it is the same across his grade, which means an intake of about 50.  Roll on tomorrow for their hour induction, then Monday for their first proper day….

Oliver is much better.  Still in a bit of pain, but able to run around and pretty much be back to his usual self.  I have been in contact with his new teacher regarding his ear, and she bass been very accommodating about him missing P.E and recess, and about positioning him in a good spot in the class so he can hear well.  I know he still has wadding in his ear, but his hearing seems worse again.  Hopefully this will improve with time.  I am looking forward to meeting his teacher tomorrow.  

Sebastian is also moving up a class.  This week they have been moving them slowly.  Monday he did an hour in his new classroom, tuesday was an hour and a half, and yesterday was 2 hours.  in fact, I picked him up from his new class room yesterday.  Interesting.  The girls in there seem very young, and it was quite chaotic, but I am hopping that improves with time.  He also goes to 4 morning from 3 next week.  I may change pick up time to nearer 12 to give him more time on class, and me more time to do work.

Having met his teacher tonight, they seem very nice.  All young, but well experienced.  After chatting with them, I feel very confident that Sebastian will be happy in that room.  Seeing as I was the only one to turned up to that session, I was able to get a feel for all of them, and I like how they say they handle things and what they are planning to do this year.  They are also really keen to support him with his speech which is great.

All in, I have had a great day today meeting Isaac and Sebastian's teacher.  I hope they are going to settle in well and enjoy school.

Here goes.....

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