Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First week back!

School did not come soon enough for me.....  Last Friday the boys had their hour induction.  Paul had taken the day off to look after Seb, which was awesome for all involved.

We dropped Isaac first and he went in really well. Then I dropped Oliver.  Again no problems.  I headed of to Chapel for the service, and got talking to a delightful German lady who had only been here 3 weeks.  Brought back some memories.....


I then headed to Isaac's classroom to pick him up, only for him to rebuff me and tell me to get Oliver first! So I did.  I then got talking to another German mum in Oliver's classroom, who also has a child in Isaac's class.  To make it even spookier:  her youngest went to Isaac's old school, but was in the other primary class, they have also just extended their contract, and I bought our Quinny buggy from her when we first got here.  Weird........

We got back home about 10.30, and decided to do something to celebrate the end of the holiday.  We jumped in the car after lunch and headed to Greenville.  

Someone's first morning really took it out of them.....


Some of my blogging friends and other local websites had mentioned that the Upcountry History Museum were running a special exhibit about medieval times, so we went to check it out.  Entry was less than $20 for all of us, and as it was a Friday afternoon and all the Greenville school were in session, we basically had the run of the place. 


The boys had great fun exploring all the hands on interactive exhibits.  They planted vegetables, cooked up a royal feast, dressed up and built castles and chairs.  Really good fun.


The rest of the museum seems really interesting, all about the history of Greenville. I would like to return one day sans kids and take my time to read it.

It has been so hot here, so we decided on the Saturday to go exploring. Paul had a car from work, so we jumped in and headed towards Stumphouse Tunnel, about 90 minutes form here.  It was much cooler in the woods, and in the tunnel in particular.  The tunnel was originally started in 1852 to connect Charleston to Knoxville, then eventually to Cincinnati.  Construction was halted due to the Civil War, then a lack of funds.  To read more on the history, click here

Isaac freaked a little bit, and refused to go in, but we dragged him.  We should really have brought a flash light, as the light on our iPhones wasn't quite adequate....

We also explored nearby Isaaquenna Falls, a short walk from the tunnel.  It was pretty over grown, so we couldn't see much.  Plus it was pretty high up, and with 3 chimps in tow, a little prequarious.  We headed towards home, stopping in an Outback restaurant for a late lunch on the way.

Then we drove into one of the worst thunderstorm I have encountered while being in a car.  The rain was coming in sideways, you could barely see in front of you as the window wipers were working full pelt.  It was so bad the boys couldn't hear their movie over the rain on the car.  We ended up pulling off the road to a petrol station and sheltering behind a building as rubbish bins rolled around the forecourt.  Scary stuff.

Monday came, and I walked Isaac in for the first day.  Here he is with his grade.  I love the way school gives them a bag for the kindergarten year.  Isaac's school calls it primer instead of kindergarten, don't ask me why.  Maybe they are 'priming' the kids ready for school....

I also walked him in for the second day, as Oliver had a follow up at the ENT department at the same time school started.  He was a little wobbly, but fine once one of the teacherscame and talked to him.  He seems to be really enjoying it and settling in.

Oliver's ear is healing well.  The doc said he is fine to do physical activity again this week, but he is still not allowed to get water near his ear.  He has another appointment in 2 weeks time to check the progress, then we take it from there

Here isaac is on Friday in his casual dress.  The shirt was provided by the school, as a kinda welcome gift.

As I said earlier, it has been really hot here.  Paul got this temperature as he sat waiting for the boys on Friday afternoon.  

We have hid in the house a lot, due to the temperature.  We did go to the pool of Friday afternoon, but it seems so unfair on Oliver having to sit on the side.  We have started allowing him to go up to his waist, but he has to be so careful to not get any water on his ear.  If Seb goes splashing near him, he knows he has to move away, and quickly!


I am about a week behind on my blogging, so please bare with me.  Despite the fact the kids have gone back to school, I have about 3000 words to write for my final OU module.  My degree is slowly coming to the end, with only 2 short lever 1 10-point courses left to do.  This blog post has taken me 3 sittings to complete, as I don't have much time right now.  As well as the OU work, there are various school coffee mornings and doctors/diabetic/ENT/IRS appointments in the next few weeks, so apologies if things take a while!!!!
Thanks for your understanding!!!!!

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