Friday, 16 October 2015

5 on Friday - our Etsy store, HGmT Products

I am partaking in 5 on Friday!  Please join the hosts April, Christina, Natasha and Darci in this weekly link blog.

I am using it to shamelessly promote our new little enterprise.  We recently invested in a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.  This thing is DA BOMB.  It is awesome for crafting paper goods and vinyl.  I have also started teaching myself jewelry making in the hope of getting a little business going on both sides of the pond, in preparation for our return to the UK some time next year.  Paul has been using the machine for cutting basic vinyls for his track car, Goldie.  We have been learning as we go in both these little hobbies.

I have set up an Etsy shop to try and sell my bracelets in the already saturated market place.  Below are 5 of my favorites from our store.

Available here
This was one of the first products I made.  A wall hanging repurposed from one of Sebastians old t-shirt.  It contains many dinosaurs and would be perfect for a little boys room $10


Available here
This is one of Paul's specialities.  It is a carbon fibre backed picture with a Road Atlanta silhouette.  If your hubby is as crazy about cars and race tracks as mine is, this would make an awesome gift.  We can offer varieties of race tracks on this design, just contact us.  Prices start at $30

Available here

I initially started making kids bracelets.  This is a set of 4 available for sale.  My kids help with the making / testing of these bracelets, they love them.  Anyone who knows my kids, know how rough they can be, and these bracelets have stood up well. My boys know not to put these in their mouths, but for other kids I would say they are for ages 4-9.   $6 for 4


As my skills progress, I have found myself working with different materials.  I made this one yesterday and fell in love with it instantly! It has mint green beads, with small glass pearls, and silver flowers in-between.  It is joined together using a t-clasp, a fixing I am beginning to love. $12

Available here


My kids like to make bracelets.  This was originally Oliver's design, which fell apart when I went to tie it.  I redid it, on jewelry wire, with a lobster clasp.  I think it is beautiful, almost 'Frozen' inspired.  It will make a great accessory for someones winter wardrobe. $8.50

All our bracelets come in a little bag (kids), or a gift box (adults) with our logo on.  We are still decided on which is the best logo / font, so if you order one, your feedback will be much appreciated!

So there you have it.  Most of our jewelry and repurposed goods can be found here on Etsy.  Most of the vinyls can be found here on ebay, though we are in the process of trying to move them across.  We also have a Facebook page, which you can find here.  This is a way to try and bring all of our selling platforms into one place.  Once it gets more likes, we will start special offers on that page.  So please take the time to like and share, and tell all your friends.

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