Friday, 23 October 2015

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Howdy doo

Long time no proper blog.  This is just a generic catch up.  Keep up if you can!

So couple of weekends ago we went to NASCAR again.  This was completely unplanned.  The Charlotte race in the Chase (like a play off to determine the overall winner of the season) was supposed to take place on a Saturday night.  But it was postponed until the next day due to rain.  We gave the track a call, they still had tickets, so we booked some there and then.

Charlotte is only 90 minutes form here, so is fine for an afternoon race.  The day was bright and sunny, and pretty warm.

We had some fairly good seats too! Half the fun of NASCAR is the crowd.  They were a special bunch at Charlotte! We all had a great time, and in a 4 hour race only took 2 breaks.  One for fries and one for ice cream, as you can tell by Isaac.....

We all have our favorite drivers.  Paul's is the 41, Kurt Busch.  Oliver is the 18, Kyle Busch (yes they are brothers).  Isaac likes the 4, 3, and 42, Kevin Harvick, Austin Dillon and Kyle Larson respectively.  But he is partial to a few others too.  Seb likes the 20 of Matt Kenneth and the 48 of Jimmy Johnson.  I like the 2 of Brad Keslowski and the 22 of Joey Logano.  I am swaying more towards the 22 at the moment though.  Good job, he won Charlotte!  He then went on to win the next race at Kansas, so is firmly in the next round.

All of us love the NASCAR.  It is certainly something we will miss when we return to the UK.  We have one more race to see this season, and that is the last one at homestead Miami.  By then the chase will be down to 4 drivers, and whoever finishes highest at Miami will win the championship.  I really hope it is someone one of us supports! 

This bird appeared in our yard.  I am told it is a broad shouldered hawk.  It was huge.  It stick around for about 5 minutes on the fence, then got something off the ground in the garden.  Good job the cat wasn't out there, it is bigger than her!  We see them flying around he house a lot, we think they  are after next doors small dog.  The birds nest in the woods behind the house. So beautiful 

Isaac was off last Thursday and Friday for conference.  He is doing so well at his new school. His teacher rocks, I love her! She knows him already and understands what makes him tick.  It has taken her less than a month.  He is the second fastest reader in his class, and is up at the top academically.  The amount of work he comes home with is starteling.  He really wants to please her, and not get told off.  I am so proud of him for doing better.  His behavior at school has improved drastically too.  So amazing.  His teacher reminds me of my mum, and her teaching methods.  Might be part of the reason he is doing so well.  My mum always knew how to work Isaac too.....

On the Friday he was off we headed to the zoo with Sebastian.  The whole of Greenville county schools were off, so the zoo was really busy. We still had fun, and Isaac ran into one of his friends from school too.  They had all the decorations up for Boo on the Zoo.  This seems to get bigger every year! 

Isaacs behavior at school may be better, but we still have our moments at home.  We have stopped the occupational therapy completely.  He seems better for it.  We are learning what works and what doesn't.  It's a family effort, and we are all getting there.  Plus, it's fun! 

Last Sunday we discovered a new Park.  Cedar Falls Park is about 10 miles south of Simpsonville, and very pretty.  It has a great play park, which the kids loved.  We then went on a walk to find the falls.  They were nothing spectacular, but pretty to look at, and just enjoy being outdoors now it is not so hot and buggy.

We even managed to get a family photo in 

My dad flies in tomorrow.  I am so darn excited it is ridiculous.  I haven't seen him in a year, and miss him terribly.  He was supposed to come in the summer, but couldn't fly due to health reasons.  I am so looking forward to seeing him. I am also looking forward to the lovely peaceful drive to Charlotte to pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

His room is all ready for him.  The spare room had kind off turned into another playroom, but I managed to get it cleared and cleaned this week.  Dad and I are doing an overnighter to charleston on Monday.  I am really excited about this!  We are going to a plantation on Monday afternoon, then on to fort sumtner on Tuesday morning, plus dinner and a walk round charleston on Monday evening.  Can't wait!!!!

In between cleaning my house, I have also been busy making more bracelets.  Please like my Facebook selling page, you can find the link here. For those of you on Etsy, our  Etsy shop link can be found here 

I look forward to my first Etsy sale, it is taking a while.  Suggestions on how I can improve my adverts are most welcome.  Paul has sold loads of vinyls through our eBay shop, link here.  His vinyl sales are keeping me in beads!!!  He has said that once I sell something on etsy he will buy some champagne to celebrate, so please get buying! 

That's all for now, take care xxxxx


  1. Hope you're having an awesome time with your dad by the time you read this! And happy Halloween to all your boys :)

  2. Hi, I've enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning, I was just wondering now that you have built this life in the US are you not tempted to stay ??

    1. Hey Stacey!

      Unfortunately we cannot stay for ever. My husbands contract is up next August. His company do not support foreign nationals for visas. Besides, we would not want To go on a local contract. The Lack of vacation time is disturbing! Our visas were only for 7 years, but we feel the need to set down roots back home. It has been nice living this life, but things need to get real someday, right?!?