Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bad blogger

I am sorry

I never finished up the end of our holiday west.  To be  honest, the last day we went out for lunch (if you are ever on the west coast, check out burger.  They are excellent), chilled around the house and prepared ourselves to come home.  The flight and journey were smooth.  We got back very late and straight into the swing of things.

Here is a rough break down of what has happened since our return.

Before holiday, Isaac was assessed by the behavioral psychologists at a provider called Clarity.  They were very thorough. Although we have not had the final report, Paul and I attended a follow up appointment.  It basically looks like he is ADHD/ADD with a lot bit of ODD thrown in.  ODD stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder.  We were not overly surprised.  The psychologist recommended family therapy once we return to the UK to help us learn strategies and techniques to help.  Like we haven't already.  His behavior is still a little erratic, but not as bad.  I think this is because we know how to deal with the nuances of Isaac.  At least we have a report to go to his next school with.  We were able to find out that he has an IQ of 116, and is reading 2 years above his age.

As is Oliver.  He had a conference, and is doing really well. No complaints from anyone.

Both Isaac and Sebastian have been sick.  Seb vomited on the way to school one day.  Isaac was sent home a week later with a temperature of 102.  Both better now.

We went to the 4 lane drag strip in Charlotte.  Funnily enough, its right by the NASCAR track.  It was good fun.  But very loud.  And very hot.

I did a craft fair at Oliver's school.  Though it wasn't very busy, I did pretty well, and have high hopes for continuing the craft fairs in the UK. (Side note - if you know of any good ones on the south coast, let me know)

And the move...... 59 days till we fly, 50 days till the house gets packed.  Our landlords are selling this house.  We have had painters both inside and out.  Yesterday they came and took professional photos.  The house looked like a show home. I hope they manage to sell quickly so I don't have too many viewings to tidy up for!

I think we are all excited about going back to England.  Yes, it will be different.  I see many steep learning curves.  But I am excited all the same!

This weekend I am going on a TRX training course.  I am excited, yet anxious.  I hope my fitness level is where it needs to be.  I am looking forward to purchasing the equipment, and setting it up at home so I can teach Paul and the kids.  If you don't know what TRX is, check out this video

Right, I am off to engross my self in my manual.

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