Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh my word, I have a 10 year old

So the little baby in the picture turned 10 last week.

10. Double digits.  3 years away from teenage angst.  

Loved majorly by his brothers.  They adore him so much, even if he can me a meanie with very little compassion.  This boy finds it hard to say sorry......  Doesn't stop us from loving him.

As kids get older, their presents get smaller and more expensive.  Oliver got lots of Lego, mainly the Lego Speed Racers.  And a 2x2 Rubix cube (thanks Jen, it was his most coveted present.)

As his birthday treat on the day, he chose to go to Frankie's Fun Park to play mini golf.  This should have been fun.  Unfortunately mean mummy has started keeping score.  When someone was not doing well, yet the 7 year old was, we had major paddy.  Sometimes I wonder if he is turing 10..... We then had dinner at Johnny Rockets before coming home for cake.  Oliver ummmeddd and aadddded for so long over what kind of cake he wanted, mummy took things into her own hands.

(Don't ask why Alfa Romeo is his favorite manufacturer of cars.  I blame Jeremy Clarkson.  We can't always guide our children in the right direction.  Sometimes we have to accept their bad choices and move on as graciously as possible)

Oliver got a special birthday treat from Nanny and Granddad.  They paid for him to get his license at a local Karting track, Le Mans Karting.

Needless to say he loved this.  It led to discussions about taking up karting when we return to the UK (Our bank balance has been wincing ever since).  Oliver loves racing, as does Seb, so we are seriously considering it.  If anyone had any advice hints or tips about karting in the south of England let me know.  I love insider knowledge.

My boys love a good podium!

Can't believe he is 10.  Where is the time going?  He has always been a good boy, a hard worker.  Academically he is flying, doing awesome in reading and math.  He can be conscientious (when he thinks no one is looking).  He loves his family and his brothers.  He likes to be the best, he likes to win.  But understands it is not always possible.  He tries.  And we love him.  He is our first attempt, and I think we are doing pretty well so far! 

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