Friday, 3 June 2016

The end of American school (well, for 2 of them)

So school is officially out for 2 of the monkeys. Given that Sebastian is in a day care setting, he will be staying in school till the day before we leave, for everyones sanity.

They have all had their leaving ceremonies, so here are the pictures and details of them.

Sebastian graduated from Junior Kindergarten on 17th May.  Until this I had always thought that this small kids graduations were farcical. But they are not.  Seb has been in his school for over 2 years.  If we were staying, he would be leaving anyway and heading off to Kindergarten, probably at Isaacs school.  Some of the kids in his class have been at his school since they were infants.  They have grown up there.

Before they went and put their cap and gowns on, they did a little performance, where they recited and acted out nursery rhymes.  It was so cute.  Seb was a mouse in the rhyme 'Pussy cat, pussy cat'.  So cute.

They all looked so good in their gowns, which the school provided.  It was a great evening for Seb.

Isaac didn't have a ceremony or awards as such.  He had field day. This is basically sports day.  Paul took the day off, and I joined him after TRX.  Isaacs class went round to different activities on their field.  It was hot.  We were all grateful it was early in the morning 

If you read this blog, and know us, you will know that Isaac often struggles in these kind of situations.  He did a little here.  There were a few things he didn't want to do, but that was ok.  It is accepted that he is a little different, and accommodations are made.  Another reason why his school rocks.  He did however LOVE the assault course.

The thing the kids loved most about field day? The fire truck

After all classes have done their activities on the field, a fire truck from Simpsonville Fire Department turns  up and they take it in turns to be sprayed by the hose.

They absolutely loved it, and had a great day.  Isaac did so well.  He has excelled at that school, and we will miss his teacher, Mrs Wingo, so much.  She has been fabulous for him.  We will certainly be keeping in touch! 

He was the first to finish! On his birthday I went in for his birthday blessing in Chapel.  This coincided with the 4th grade leavers service.  His school finishes lower school a grade earlier than public schools in South Carolina. After his leavers service was his exhibition. This is a piece of work that they do in groups on a particular topic.  Kinda like a dissertation piece.  Oliver got to work with his 2 best friends.  Not sure how much work they did.......  Their exhibition topic was shelter, and they chose to do animals and natural disasters.  They did a powerpoint presentation.  It was pretty good! 

Oliver had a leaving presentation on the wednesday of the same week.  We went to this last year also.  It is held out side.  As he was leaving this year, like the rest of his grade, a big emphasis was placed on the 4th graders.  Oliver received a certificate for his work in safety patrol (car pool).  

Oliver has been in CCES for 4 years.  For him, it has been the perfect school. He has done so well.  If we did this whole experience again, I am not sure we would go with the same school options, but hindsight is a difficult thing to gauge. 

I know that ALL the boys schools have been the right choices for them THIS year.  They have all had a really good year, even with the issues we have had.  I think they have done really well, and have a really good basis to continue their education back in England.

I can't wait to have them all in the same school (hopefully!!!)

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