Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Last night in our house

Tonight is the last night in our house.  I am sad.  Granted, it's not our house as such, but we have lived here for 3 years and 9 months, and it does feel like home.

We have had some great times here.  And some not so great.  Life generally is what you make it, and we have tried to make the best of what we have here.  This house is huge.  Too big really.  The kids can go room to room making a mess. If paul didn't get on at them about it, we would live in squalor. I get to them (eventually), but there are too many rooms. 

We shall miss the nice big fenced in yard.  The large 2 car garage (with automatic openers).  The big open plan kitchen and living area.  The boys play room (though they tend to play in the living room since their tv is gone) was good in its time, and since we moved the Lego in there they have been playing there a lot more.  The office room, which has since turned into the computer and craft room.  Such good light for taking photos! It's funny how the rooms have evolved and grown as out interests and hobbies have changed.  

Upstairs has not changed.  Sebastian and Isaac still share, and still do well for it.  Oliver loves having his own space.  We need at least three bedrooms.  Isaac and Seb won't share forever.  Hormones will not allow it.  Out lovely big master suite with living area (waste of space) and en suite bathroom.  That is a big bathroom.  The walk in closet.  Loved having that.  Shame we have bought enough clothes to actually fill it (under bed storage boxes here we come).

The pool. Ahh the pool.  The community pool.  We have loved it.  In the height of summer, it is much needed. Our boys have loved it, as have we.  Such a good thing to have. I know the HOA fees are high here, but the pool makes up for it.  There have been many a time we have had the pool to our selves.  Our boys also tend to scare people away.  Not so much this year, but in previous years, yes.......

This subdivision is lovely.  The boys and I took a little stroll this morning.  Well. They scooted (fast) and I just about kept up.  Part of their twice daily summer exercise.  It is so lovely.  Being on a road with gorgeous houses in a circuit.  Pretty much all houses back on to a creek or an adjoining neighborhood or free land.  Wonderful,though you do need to drive about 7 minutes to hit a main road. 

Tomorrow the packers arrive.  I have sorted suitcases for the next 9 days.  One for the local hotel, one for out beach trip, another for the local hotel, then another 3 full of England clothes (trainers, trousers, cardigans, jumpers) and any thing additional from the closets.  They are bare, and have been for a few days.

We are in for some craziness until we get packed up.  Fingers crossed they are done by Friday at noon, as that is when we would like to leave for the beach.

I am now down to my ipad.  We packed the computer today (sob). If you would like to see photos, please search Have Goslings must Travel on Facebook.  We have a page.

I shall miss this place.  Not sure we will ever live somewhere like this again.  But that would not be a bad thing..... 

Looking forward to the next chapter.  I hope the packers like cookies and muffins

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