Friday, 5 August 2016

We are in!

Technically, we have been in over a week.  Here's how it went down.

Last thursday, Paul travelled over to the house on Hayling.  The container was due at 9.  It arrived at 8.20

Luckily we have a little road next to the house which leads down to an industrial estate.  They parked the container there and walked everything round

This is what the contents of our lives looked like strewn across our drive.  The boxes went all the way down to the garage in back.  They emptied the container in two and a half hours.  Not bad. 

There was chance of rain that afternoon, so Paul and the packers did their best to get everything under cover.  I arrives about 11.30 with the boys, and made a start on the kitchen.  

Everything was inside by the time the packers left.  The drive was back to looking like this

Before the packers left for the day, we got them to make up the beds.  Al of them.  Because of this, we decided to stay at the house for the night.  I eventually found the bedding, and we set about making the beds.  The cat had come over the day before, so she was well acclimatized! I was supposed to be going to a friends wedding reception that evening, but i missed it due to how long it took us to get everything sorted for the evening.  I was pretty gutted 

The boys rooms were the first thing we tried to sort.  Isaac and Seb now have the bunk beds

Oliver is back to having a single bed, with the car track and Lego in his room.

I think he likes it.  The boys bedrooms are both the same size, and a good size too, about the same as their rooms in the states.

I really like my kitchen.  It is a good size for an eat in kitchen in the UK.  Most cupboards are full.  or nearly full.  The table we picked up from ebay for 35 pounds. It is a drop leaf table, so can have only one side up if we chose.  It works for us, and even goes with our chairs.  Not pictured, but there is a utility room just off the kitchen.  This is a godsend.  It stores all the crap that was in various places around our old kitchen, and makes this kitchen more workable.  I like it. 

The big dinning table we had in the states is currently in the garage, with the top from the boys learning table on it.  A great work area for crafts or DIY.

The living room is a work in progress, and will be for some time. We are awing some furniture from my dad.  His house is sold, and is just waiting to sign, so hopefully by the end of August we will have some nice furniture in there.

We are far from being settled.  Paul has next week off, and we were planning on going camping.  Given the amount of boxes still in the garage, we have decided to leave it for now.  We need bedroom furniture.  We have bought some for our bedroom, but the boys all need a chest of draws per room, and I need a wardrobe of sorts.  I think we will be taking a trip to Ikea in Southampton next week.

Might even see if I can squeeze in a trip to the bead shop while we are there....

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