Thursday, 1 September 2016

September already......

Wow, I can't believe it is September the 1st. We have been back for 2 months.  Its funny, in some respects it feels like we have never been away.  We have got ourselves in a nice little rut.

The house is working for us.  My dad recently moved, so we were able to take a whole lot of his furniture.  This has enabled us to make better use of the space.  My craft area is set up, and beading has begun.  The living room works ok as a living space and office/ craft space.  Paul has his iRacing set up in our bedroom.  Its not ideal, but the room is big enough to handle it.  The boys rooms work, just.  We took a trip to ikea to get some draws for their clothes.  The toys are a bit of a mess, but as they are constantly being played with it doesn't really matter.  The boys can even be pretty helpful at tidying them up too (sometimes)

Pauls racing set up

Paul is getting on ok at work.  Adjusting to being in a much smaller plant. He has a few trips away between now and Christmas, but I think I will survive......

The boys. Ahh the boys.  Nearly 100 days the older 2 will have been off.  60 for Sebastian.  I am so ready for them to go back to school.  So are they, they just don't realise it yet.....  School starts Tuesday. They are very happy in the house, and they love Hayling Island.  We all love Hayling Island.

I am busy! I have taken Zumba, and run with it.  Fortunately, the lady who did instruct on the island has moved away, so I am hoping it is really going to build once school goes back.  I have 3 different places on the island I will teach at, and have just been told of another one to look into.  I am still teaching in Havant for Activ8 Minds.  I really hope to continue this, as the ladies there currently are lovely! I also have a great group on the island on a thursday evening.  In two weeks time I will be adding another Monday evening class, a Zumba Gold on a Tuesday and a Friday Morning.  Then in 3 weeks time, a 45 minute class on a Wednesday evening.  Busy.... But I think I can handle it. It is 6 classes a week, 4 Zumba (one is 45 minutes), and 2 Zumba Gold.  I love it. I am so happy I am able to work at something I truly love.  Lets hope I can break even, so I can continue to do it.
The crafting is going good too.  I have signed up for 3 craft fairs between October and November, so once the kids go back to school I will be making again.  I have even set up a new etsy store, due to banking complications with the one in the US.  I am currently having a go at beaded christmas ornaments, as these may sell well in the next few months!  I do a lot of networking online, which also helps.

And the island.  Hayling Island is stunning.  It is like a little time capsule.  It is one of those places where everyone knows each other and people have lived here a long time, or all their lives.  There are some great characters.

The west of the island has what is called the Billy Trail.  This is an old railway line which was decommissioned in the 1950's and had since been turned into a bike / walking trial.  We have walked some of it, and Paul and Oliver have ridden some of it  It is very picturesque, and very popular.

Down on the seafront, right in the middle of the island, is Beachlands. My kids call this Kids Kingdom.  It is like a mini amusement park, aimed at kids aged 3-12 (roughly).  We have taken them once, and they loved it.

We have had a couple of stormy days, one when my dad came down.  Being near to the explosive power of the waves is awesome, yet dangerous too.  But the waves look so cool......

Thats all for now.  We are actually going away this weekend.  Camping.  To Wales.  Not like the remnants of a hurricane are blowing through or anything....... Wish us luck.....


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