Monday, 17 October 2016

300th blog post!!!!

Woohooo!!! This is my 300th blog post!!

I started this blog originally back in June 2012.  The idea behind it was to give family members an insight into our life, as we made a big chance and moved our family to America on a temporary working contract for my husbands job.

4+ years, thousands of miles (and vacations) later, and we are back in good old blighty!  Sometimes it feels like we have never been away.....  Other days we remember the awesome times we had just driving down Main Street, Simpsonville. 

Having this blog has been like a diary.  I am able to go back and look at events that happened in our lives.  And there have been so many.  Some happy, some very sad and some surprises along the way.  This blog will always give me a means to reflect on what our life has been.  But it can also give me guidance, as to what our lives could become.  I hope the boys don't end up hating me for documenting parts of their childhood in the public domain.  I don't think they will.  If they were girls, it might be different!

Going forward, I am not sure the best way to use this blog.  In the past it has been used for recipes, holiday guides and days out and about.  I still make a load of recipes, but haven't been on as many holidays! Or days out come to think of it, but I am sure that will change! I am working now, albeit not full time, but enough that I am certainly occupied! So I will probably fit the blog in with updates on kids, days out we do and vacations.  And any major life changes that happen.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you have enjoyed following our journey so far.  I will do another post very soon as an Update style post! 

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone!!! Hope y'all are doing well :)