Monday, 31 October 2016

Half term is over

Okay.  It has been a while.  I am sorry.  But I have been super busy.  This is going to be a catch up post with what has been going on and how we have been handling it / adjusting to life back in the UK.

The boys started school at the local Juniors (Oliver and Isaac) and Infant  (Sebastian) Schools.  These schools are just over the road from each other and just a little bit too far to walk in a morning.  We have walked home, but not for a while.

They have taken to it quite well.  The juniors have parents evening (parent teacher conferences) tomorrow, and the infants the week after. Here is my thoughts...... 
Oliver is flying.  We always knew the boy was academically minded, but he is doing really well.  He gets to go on a residential school next June for a week of outdoor activities. I He can't wait! 
Isaac has had his issues, though they have not been as bad as expected.  Given that the school only received his ADHD report the day before school started, he is doing well.  He began not wanting to do any tests ( and not risk failing) in anything.  6 weeks later, he has passed his times tables tests in 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  And he knows them like a pro.  Spellings is a different matter...... His teacher is great.  She is so laid back.  She has had kids like Isaac before, and knows her stuff.  In fact, the whole staff have been great.  They don't tend to punish in the juniors school, as they don't really need to (crazy I know), but make a big deal out of the positives in school and life.  We have had 2 postcards from the head teacher about achievements that Isaac has done.  Not huge ones, but big for him.  I don't doubt we will have more issues, but so far so good.  He even told me couple of weeks ago that he actually likes school now.....
Sebastian, ah Sebastian...... We are weeks away from reading.  He is fortunate in that even though he has the biggest year group (grade) it is split over 3 classes, so only about 24 in each class.  In this country, that is great.  He has a teacher and a teaching assistant (TA).  The TA tends to work with small groups who need the most help, so she has got to know Sebastian quite well.  Her words "I've never known a boy like him".  His parents evening will be interesting, but he is getting there.  He practices his spellings for homework, even if he doesn't necessarily do the tests.  He is still very social.  Everyone knows him, in all the years, and he knows everyone..... He has also gone into the Silver Book at school, which means he got a certificate for trying hard and doing well.

We are still finding our way around the island, but loving it very much! 

The kids are pretty tired from school so we don't tend to do much at the weekend.  We went to the Italian Breakfast Club at the Goodwood Motor track. This is an event organised so people ca bring their Italian cars to the race track for people to look at.  Pretty cool. I imagine we will be at more Breakfast Clubs in the future.  Think Cars and Coffee in Greenville, but with particular types of cars 

We have been swimming, and a few other things in Portsmouth, but thats about it.  As I say, we are tired.  The kids aren't interested in any extra curricular activities, and we don't push them.  If they decided they want to do something, we will certainly look into it. We have just finished half term here, where the kids get a week off school.  It works quite well, and they seemed to enjoy being off school! 

Paul has been working super hard, and has been away Monday to Friday for the last 2 weeks, and this week also.  This has been a big adjustment for us, but we are getting there.  We have found some babysitters, as I now work in the evenings.

After finishing my degree, and doing my Zumba trainings, as soon as we moved into this house I set up as a limited company.  There are 2 arms to my company, Zumba classes, and craft items.
I am fortunate with the Zumba, as the instructor on the island left a couple of months before I got here.  I teach Zumba on a Monday night, Thursday day and night.  I teach Zumba Gold on a Tuesday and Friday daytime.  It has been such a great way to meet people.  I average about 20-40 people across my whole classes in a week.  Some people just do Zumba, some Gold, and some both!!!! I have changed my music a couple of times, as I like to keep it fresh, but there are definitely some favourites in there!!!My Zumba ladies are lovely.  This has been the first time I have taught Gold, and although it is a very steep learning curve, I love it.  No 2 classes are ever the same.....

The crafting has been quite good too.  I have done a couple of craft fairs, and although I have not made a four tune, I have made my costs on the events back.  I have also had a sale on Etsy here, and am doing well networking on social media and in person.  I love the island, there are so many wonderful eclectic people here, and a real sense of community.  I hope we can stay a while.....

Next time, I will not wait so long to blog.....

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