Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The day of the jabs.....

Today was the day the boys were supposed to get their hepatitis B vaccination. 

Phone rings at 8.05am (no one ever calls our house that early....)

Me: Hello

Unknown: Can I speak to the parent of Oliver and Isaac Gosling please?

Me: Speaking

Unknown: This is Westcourt Medical Centre, I am calling about the vaccinations your boys are supposed to be having today.  I have just received a message from the nurse to say that the vaccinations have not been ordered, so we won't be able to vaccinate them today.
Westcourt Medical Centre, named and shamed!
Me:  Ok, so when can I get them done?

Doctors receptionist:  The nurse is putting in a prescription to the doctor, which will be ready this afternoon.  You will need to pop in and pick it up, then take it to the chemist and collect it in a few days time.  I can rearrange the appointment for monday afternoon, is 3.30 and 3.40 ok?

Me: its going to have to be really.....  Oliver also has an appointment to see the doctor at 9.20am, can I rearrange this for tomorrow afternoon please?

Doctors receptionist:  No problem

This is the abridged version, and I am not afraid to name and shame my medical centre for their sheer incompetence (at times....).  The doctors are fab, but its everything else they do (or don't do) is rubbish

So neither of the boys were late this morning, and Paul has to take them for their jabs next week while I am away.  My morning did improve after that. Emailed the CLARITY lady regarding Olivers testing, giving details of our 'Look and See' trip. We had Laura and Daniel round to play this afternoon, which Isaac really enjoyed, and I ALWAYS love a good gossip with Laura, I will miss her loads....

Paul got confirmation of our first cars when we move.  We are getting an X5 and a 1 series convertible. 

I got lucky going to the doctors this afternoon.  It didn't rain (hurrah), got a parking space in the lay by, so didn't have to park on the road.  Walked in to the doctors, there was no one waiting (a rareity), got the boys prescription and also got my fit to fly letter regarding my diabetes, for no cost (its supposed to be £15).  Then went to my chemist, again, parked out front, no one waiting and still no rain.....Felt quite happy after that!

Got home to an email from the CLARITY testing people, to say they had made an appointment for Oliver for the 30th JULY!!!  Quickly emailed them back to query it, yep they got the wrong date on the email.  It is actually Thursday 30th August at 3pm.  That is going to be a fun day....

All in, the day has been good.  Feel a bit for Paul having to take the boys on his own, but he is a big boy, I am sure he can handle it.

I have my neighbour Angela, and possibly her sister Natalie coming over for a few drinks tonight, which I am looking forward to.  Mojito anyone?

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