Friday, 13 July 2012

Time out

I am off to York tomorrow for a weeks fun, I meant I am going on an OU residential. Lots of fun in the lab, making insect pheromones, keeping lab books, and trying to look intelligent.

Last residential I went on I met a Really nice girl called Sarah, and she is going tomorrow too! Looking forward to seeing her,and catching up over a few drinks Travels a bit of a pain, but should take no more than 4 hours each way. I have plenty of reading on my iPad, so that will keep me amused.

Paul will have fun with the boys, despite the fact that Oliver and Sebastian both have colds. I have made them loads of food today, I am all cooked out!!! They are going to eat like kings, or like normal.....

Oliver had a disco tonight, which he seemed to really enjoy, although I get the feeling him and his friend Harry might have spent most of the night chasing some year r girls!!! It is his friend from preschool, saphina, and her "crew"( his words, not mine). On the way back he was talking about discos in year 2, and I gently had to remind him that he would not be here. I explained to him that we could send her messages on the computer, or he could write her letters. He decided he wants to write her letters, which I thought was very sweet. He got a bit upset when he realised he would not see his friends, but I managed to explain to him about making new friends, and the things that will be different. He will be ok when we get there, but it is hard trying to make a 6 year old understand these things. It might get harder, but I am hoping, and I think, that Oliver will just swing into a new way of life, but doing the same things in a different place.

The chemists still do not have the boys hep b jabs in stock. They are not even sure they can get them. The lady i spoke to on the phone had tried to get some for someone else, and the suppliers are all out of stock till Thursday. They are going to call us (paul) tomorrow morning and let us know if them have them, or when they think they will have them.....this is turning out to be a bit of a pain. Told another group of friends about our move this week. Just sort of dropped it into conversation. They were a bit shocked I think. A few more people now know. It is so hard cos I see these people everyday for about 20 minutes in total, so never get a really good chance to talk to them. I hope to see some of them over the summer.

I went to see my friend Vicki and her 5 day old baby Robert. He is scrummy. Had lots of cuddles!!! As I say yummy. We are currently sat waiting for a kebab. I am starving.....

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