Sunday, 8 July 2012

Is it July already?


I know it has been a while since I posted last, sorry!  We haven't even been mega busy, but will update anyway.

Oliver getting used to basketballs....

We had Oliver's sports day last Friday (29th June).  It was good.  My mum made it down ultra early, I think her Mazda has wings.  Unfortunatly the inlaws (Keith and Chris) got stuck in traffic around Chichester, as we had forgotten that the Festival of Speed was on.  They did manage to make it to see Olivers last race though, which was good.  Oh, and Isaac got 3rd in the toddler race, so proud of my big boys! We had lunch with Oliver, when he went into class, we took a drive down to Littlehampton riverfront and had some lunch.  All the relatives stuck around till Oliver came home from school.  Oli got his birthday present from the inlaws, more Lego (feels like its coming out of our ears....)

Isaac with his 3rd sticker
We had a nice lazy family weekend last weekend.  At the beginning of the week we got full confirmation of our Look and See trip.  Business travel here we come!!!!  We need to sort our ESTA's (Visa Waiver programme, as our Visas will not be ready, in fact we will pick up the pack to take to the embassy while we are out there)  but there is time for us to do that between France and America.  All the paperwork for our visas has finally reached the visa attorney in the states, so they are currently compilling the pack ready for us.  Lets hope there are no problems.

I had my meeting with Mr Ancell on thursday.  Apparently Oliver had stood up in class and told everyone he was going to move to America.  His teaching assistant, Mrs Merrett had corrected him thinking he meant for a holiday, so they got a bit of a shock!!!  I am able to take Olivers work books from this year with me, and Mr Ancell even emailed me  a copy of Oliver's report, despite the fact I still don't have it in my hands yet.  Was nice to get a look at it, he is doing very well.  Mr Ancell thinks I will have a few forms to fill in, but is going to contact the office, then let me know. 

I also took both the big boys for haircuts last week, Isaac on Wednesday, Oli on Thursday. You can check out Isaac's before and after photos in this blog!

Isaac after his sports day
Friday (6th July) was Isaac's sports day, again my mum flew down and got here in just over an hour.  It was starting to rain as we arrived, and continued to spit all the way through.  The staff were brilliant though, and got the kids through it very quickly.  It is always so lovely to see the kids at preschool, they are so well behaved and so cute!  Paul had to pop to work in the afternoon to pick up a Rolls Royce.  My mum stayed on Friday night, which was nice for the boys, they love having nanny here.  We need to make the most of it while we can.

We were both hungover on saturday, so we did very little.  Paul spent the morning cleaning the inside and the wheels of the Rolls, as he was doing a favour for our next door neighbours dad, Steve.  His daughter got married on Saturday, and Paul used the Rolls to chauffeur them from their house to the venue, as they had been let down at the last minute by the company they were using.  I think everyone was very pleased with the car.  We were invited to the evening, but lack of babysitters and hangovers meant we stayed home.  Oli was allowed to sit up and watch Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, whle I went to Tesco.  I know who got the better deal.....  Saying that I did finally buy the suitcases.  £70 for 2 big suitcases is a bargain, and they will do our many airplane journeys well.  Oliver had a party this morning, then we watched the F1, great race.  And watched Murray lose at the tennis.  Never mind, Federer is pretty much THE best player of all time.  As soon as they put that roof on, I knew Murray was a gonner....  At least he won a set.  He will definatly improve over time, and I would not be surprised to see him in another final very soon.  So another lazy Weekend....

This week coming up is going to be a bit mental.  My friend Vicky is having her C-section tomorrow, good luck hunni, can't wait to meet your little bundle.  My money is on a girl...  I have to spend the rest of the week making sure the house is tidied and the kitchen is stocked, as I am off on an OU residential school on saturday.  6 days in the chemistry labs of York University making insect pheromones.  Got my computer marked assignment back already, got 50%, so quite pleased with that.  Bit nervous about it all, I am not great at chemistry, so can only hope I meet people who are, lol!!!

Will try and update before I go.

Much Love x

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