Sunday, 15 September 2013

Catch up

Hey y'all

Well, another week has past.  Getting up for school at 6.15 is not easy.  What helps though is not drinking during the week.  This does mean that we drink at the weekend, and feel quite hungover and tired....

Seb had Gymboree on Monday.  He was so much better, and only cried when one of the ladies went to pick him up and get him to interact.  Their topic this week is things that move, and it made Seb's session when he was given a car to play with.  He even attempted to come under the parachute with us.  Story time at the library was not as successful.  As soon as the singing started, he was crying and running for the doors.  Think I will try this again in a few weeks, especially as our local one has a fire engine at it soon.

Oliver has had 3 baseball practices again this week, one of which I took him to.  He is so inconsistent.  Some times he is really keen, and really good, other times he couldn't care less.  Think this may be the last season he does.  He quite wants to play soccer next spring, and I know Isaac would like to do this too.  We also received his ERB score back.  He is either above expectations or meeting expectations in all areas he was assessed in, so this is good.

Isaac got to go to his friend Edmunds house on Thursday, which he loved.  He is starting to enjoy lunch and learn a lot more.  But it does make him very tired.  Seb and I used the time he was at lunch and learn on Tuesday to go to the pool.  It is only open for another week, so we need to try and use it.

I took Seb for his first proper hair cut on Friday morning.  Jellybeans is a specialist kids hairdressers, who do baby's first hair cut for a penny.  He got his hair washed and everything.  I am glad I only paid a penny for this.  The lady who cut his hair barely spoke to him or interacted with him in any way shape or form.  These haircuts cost $20 normally, so I am not sure I will take him back.  They had to hold him to get the clippers round his ears, he did not like this.  But at least he got to sit in a toy car to have this done.


We have had a pretty chilled one this weekend.  We went out for lunch yesterday then to Tyger River Park today.  We ended up stopping at Barnyard Fleamarket on our way home.  This place is awesome (I think!), somewhere between a carboot sale and a Sunday market (think Blackbushe, for those who know it).  I so want to go back soon without children or husband.  I could spend hours browsing.  Any volunteers?!?

We are going back to England for Christmas.  We got our travel plans confirmed on Friday.  We will be back for 2 weeks.  It will be so strange being back.  We have not made any firm plans yet, but we know we want to spend a night on the coast so we can catch up with friends, and we need to go to London to sort out some paperwork.  Obviously we need to fit in seeing family, but we will be so limited on time, I hope people understand if we are only available for short periods.  It is going to be a crazy 2 weeks.......

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  1. Oh, how great that you're flying back for the holidays! I remember our first holidays back in the US while living in France - it was a great recharge for us.

    And yes, been to jellybeans once, not going back. We kept trying different supercuts and the like until we found a stylist we like. They usually charge somewhere around $8 for kids, and I can usually find a coupon..