Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Delightful children

Right now I want to thank my children

It has been 'Fall' here for 3 days.  They have been to school and come home as usual.  But it has not been usual. They have been carriers.

Carriers of the common cold.  Seb started sniveling on Monday.  Paul started Tuesday, and was really not well by last night.  I started today with a bit of a headache.  As the day as gone on, I have been getting a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, and the headache has barely abated.  Paul came home from work looking like death.  I am already in my pajamas, feeling very sorry for my self.

Thanks Oliver and Isaac.


This is a picture Isaac did at school yesterday.

It is a drawing of a house.  He is the happy stick figure in the middle.  There is also a slide.  The stick figure on the left is me.  When I asked him why I was so sad he said

"Because you aren't allowed anymore babies"

I asked where Seb and Oliver and daddy were.  

"I am going to draw Oliver and daddy when I get home.  But not Seb"

Such a lovely big brother......................

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