Sunday, 1 September 2013

Long week

What a week.... To start with, paul was away Monday to Friday.  That made things hard.  Oliver's baseball season began this week.  He had 3 practices, all of them at 7.15pm, for an hour.  So I had to take all 3 chimps to Heritage Park.  This obviously resulted in 3 very late nights for all the boys, and mummy.  His team seems good, they are a mix of second and third graders.  As with last season, there are a couple of kids who are really good, but some don't have a very good attitude.....

Oliver also went back to school this week.  He had half days on Monday and Tuesday, when Isaac was in lunch and learn.  Then back to full days for the rest of the week, when Isaac was on half days.  It has been nice to have Isaac to myself in the afternoon while Seb sleeps (normally....)

Both Oliver and Isaac have had their well child check ups at the doctors in the last 10 days. They need a South Carolina immunization record so they can go to school. These involved full physicals with their new doctor.  i must say, she is awesome.  only problem with going to the doctors is it takes about an hour each time.   They both needed some jabs, 2 for Oliver, 1 for Isaac.  They both cried, it's difficult to say who cried the most...  Other than that, they are both fine.  Oliver is light, Isaac is more average.  Isaac's height has jumped about 3 percentiles in the last year.  I think he will be the biggest in both height and weight out of all the boys.  Seb has got his on Friday, should be interesting.....

Seb had his first session at Gymboree on Monday.  He cried for about a quarter of the time.  He eventually got used to the equipment, and was quite keen, but did not like it when they started doing singing and circle time.  He did however join in some of the 'kitchen helper' pretend play activities the ladies did.  I have signed him up for a month.  He will get used to it, it will do him good to listen to other adults, and I think he will come round to the singing and activities.  I have been getting him to sing along to songs on the radio in the car to help his vocalization. His favorites are 'blurred lines' (it's so cute, I sing the words, them he tries to copy, it is awesome.....) and 'heaven'.  He is best with songs that have sounds rather than words.  After we dropped Isaac at school on Monday, having already taken Oliver, Seb was so chatty.  He is getting there, I know it is just a matter of time before we can't shut him up either.  

As Paul had been away, we have been keeping busy.  We went to the pool after school on Monday and Tuesday.  

Out for dinner with Liene and her chimps on Tuesday night.  Gotta love Carolina Ale Houses kids eat for 99 cents.  It was an interesting dinner, all the kids ate, and were well behaved.  Think it is something we will be doing again.  Wednesday morning we had to go and get Oliver a helmet for baseball.  Oh the joys of being a second grader, they now need helmets.  I thought it would break   the bank, but it wasn't too bad.  We had some time to kill, so stopped in at Barnes and Noble to look at the books, and Seb played with the Thomas trains.  

I will mention now, Liene is in a poll for best Southern Mom blog on Circle of Moms.  She is an awesome writer, and has won many accolades already.  Please take the time to read her blog and vote.  I know she will appreciate it.  You can currently find it under the pending tab.

This is the link 

As for our home activities this week..... Seb has played with playdoh and lego at the same time, painted with cars, 

finger painted, brown bear matching game.  He helped me make cakes.  This was rather humorous.  I gave him some choc chips to eat while I did the tricky bits.  He proceeded in putting  these into the cake cases, instead of eating them.  So they are chocolate heavy cakes.  No complaints so far.  We met up with some friends at the park, and at the zoo.  He was very good on both occasions.  I have rarely used his bat wing reins.  Such an improvement.   He has also done the toothpick games on numerous occasions.  When we were tidying up the paints, he got the magnetic letters out, and started putting them into the roll of kitchen paper. 

 I ran with this (and another idea I saw on Pinterest), and cut a hole in the plastic lid of a coffee tin.  Seb then put all the magnetic letters into this instead.  This is a favorite activity.  He seems to love putting things into slots.  I have tried to get him to help sort the letters into colors first, but every time I do it, he messes it up!!!  Never mind, these things will come.  

Isaac has done painting with lego and cars this week.  He loved it.  This then led on to him cleaning everything after.  Then he decided he wanted to clean all his hero factory bits.  

This took a good chunk of time.  I have been offering Isaac computer time in the afternoon before Oliver comes home, and he has refused most of the time.  Both him and Oliver are having such a good time playing together with the Hero Factory, or watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I so remember this from being a kid....,).  They have such a beautiful relationship.  They are a right team.  But such hard work.  They answer to each other before answering to mummy or daddy.  Isaac wanted to get the Playmobil out on Friday  afternoon.  

I agreed, but thought we would go the whole hog and get it all out.  Needless to say, he played with it for about an hour before he started asking when Oliver was coming home.  It was packed away before bedtime (but at least I got the opportunity to sort it all out, and store it better, so sad......) 

Paul has finished the cat box.  It is cool, heavy, but cool.  Plus the cat uses it.  Makes the litter tray very inconspicuous, even if it does look like Snoopys home.  

His next task: a small bookcase for the reading corner.

As I say a busy week.  Hoping next week won't be so chaotic, but I doubt it........

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