Monday, 30 June 2014

Cortland, New York State

After our not so pleasant cabin in Douglas, it was nice to know we were going somewhere that would be much better.  Hope Lake Lodge was actualy the first place I booked on our trip.  I got it on a Groupon deal, and it appears to come up quite regularly there.  

We got there in time to check in, and quickly went to our room, a loon suite.  It had a double bedroom, which Oliver and Isaac shared the bed.  We were able to order a pack and play for no extra cost for Sebastian.  Paul and I slept on a Murphy bed in the living area.  The room had a nice small kitchen area, which was perfect for our needs.  The boys had great fun playing on the bear footstool.  

We went for a little walk around the resort.  Hope Lake Lodge is a ski resort, so pretty quiet in the summer, though there were a few conferences going on while we were there.  

It has a lake nearby, with a man made beach and a swimming area we could have used, but decided not to.

After dinner we went and checked out the water park, which you had to access through the arcade.  The boys had great fun playing arcade games, and they pretty much had the place to themselves.  After we went for a drink in the bar.  The boys were very well behaved.

We all went to bed fairly early in preparation for the next day.  Luckily they weren't up to early, so we had breakfast and waited till 11 for the water park to open.

Cascades water park was a lot of fun.  They had life jackets for the younger two, and they were really good about using them.  Oliver went down one of the big slides, but most of our time was spent in the wave pool.

There was a splash area on decking with lots of levers to push and pool, plus a few small slides.  We were able to supervise the boys well from the wave pool when they were on the splash area.  There was a huge bucket at the top which tipped its contents about every 10 minutes.  Seb loved this!

We had a stop for some snacks about 1.30, paul and I even had a beer!  Then it was back to the water.  We discovered the hot tub, and the boys loved the in and out pool, where they were able to swim outside in the rain.  By 3.30 we were all starting to wane, so we decided to call it a day and head back to the room.

The boys had some computer time before we headed down to the restaurant on site, the Acorn  Grill.  We were early for dinner, about 5pm.  Paul and I both had a beer, and the boys had a lemonade each.  The service was attentive, not surprising how quiet it was.  Oliver ordered the kids pizza with pepperoni, and the other 2 went with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Paul had a Buffalo chicken pizza, and I had a steak, the Montreal Rib eye.  Our food arrived, the boys were more than happy with their food.  My steak was very tasty.  Paul's pizza was huge, too big.  He was a bit miffed that it was not clear on the menu how big the pizza was, it would have been better for 2 or more people to share.

We headed back up to the room, as it was raining all day, so no chance of going for a walk.  The boys went to bed a little later, but very happy.

Seb did not want to get out of his bed the next morning, we were all very tired.

We checked out, this is the reception of the hotel.

Hope Lake Lodge is a very nice place to stay.  We would quite like to try and go skiing here at some point.

Driving through Cortland we saw some amazing houses that appear to be sorority homes.  There was quite a few of them.

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