Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The big trip is here!!!!

As the title suggests, we set off Tuesday morning.  We even managed to leave the house before 7.30!  The journey was pretty uneventful.  We traveled along I85 though Charlotte NC, and across the top of North Carolina, before crossing into Virginia.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonalds off I85 near South Hill Virginia.  Here is where Oliver broke his big burger virginity.  He had a quarter pounder deluxe meal, and pretty much ate the lot.

This is one of the most *special* McDonalds I have been in.  The air conditioning barely worked, there were flies everywhere, it smelled weird and had some thing growing near the drinks machine.  Not at all nice.

McDonald's on Urbanspoon

It has been very hot in the south east corner recently, and we saw our first 100 degrees Fahrenheit while heading to Norfolk.

We made it to the hotel about 3.30 and were able to check in to the Best Western Hotel and Suites.  I purposefully picked this hotel as it was right on the beach.  It was really nothing special, a room with a separate bedroom and a sleeper sofa, plus a kitchenette that lacked in crockery.  No matter, we gave the boys their kindles, and they played while we sorted out their beach stuff.  We got them dressed  for the beach and headed out.

The beach was lovely.  It sits at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay.  I don't know if this made a difference to the water temperature, or it was just the general heat, but the water was really warm, even for me!  Below is a picture of a plane flying very low over one part of our hotel

As I say, the water was really warm, and a consistent depth to quite far out, though we kept the boys relatively close.  They all had a great time splashing and playing.  We even saw some crabs!

Paul went out and got us Papa Johns pizza for dinner.  It worked perfectly.  He even had to pick up some plastic plates as the hotel too didn't have any.  This is a picture of the hotel.  Nothing special, but perfect for one night stop.  We didn't even go in the pool, it was a little busy, and the beach was great for a run around after a day in the car.

The kids went to bed a little later than usual, it is holiday after all!

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